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Back in the 60th, I had a dream that every student after University could access a grant to travel worldwide for a year free before entering the world of earning a living.

There is nothing like travel to open your eyes to the world you live in.

We’re all aware of the fact that education is a universal human right, anywhere in the world.Résultat de recherche d'images pour "pictures of education for all"

Equality is a term largely thrown around in political discourse. However, without education, it is an idea that is largely out of reach.

The ultimate goal of the education system was created during the industrial revolution.

Back then young lads like me that had not experienced either world wars were to be brainwashed into conformity. Our current day educational system is still stuck in this mode.

However, due to technology advancement, people are shunning away from education.

Who could blame them?

When the same old system does not guarantee the technical skills that are needed in the current world, they tend to find the information they need online.

With 21st century technology, we have more opportunity and ability to create change than ever before.

We have the power to shape how we think the world should operate, and so far we have not taken advantage of that opportunity.

Technology is actively transforming the world today and will continue to do so whether schools are ready for it or not.

The big difference today is it’s not just about acquiring knowledge. It is about learning in a different way.

If the world around us changes and we do not, how are our students going to be prepared for the jobs of the future — largely technology-based, non-traditional careers?

The current education system is teaching us outdated skills designed for the industrial era, and ignoring modern history; a modern history that will dictate the career paths of current students.

We are depriving the future society of the best foundation possible for a better world by allowing governments to charge for Education.

It is no wonder rather than treating higher education as an investment into the future of a country, at an average of £30/50000 debt young people shay away.

I am sure investors would not hesitate to do their part in planning ahead and securing the future of a nation if for ever pound invested they were rewarded by tax benefits.

Modern education is spreading more ignorance than knowledge.

The word “How” is missing in our world of Education which causes ignorance.

Our education system has developed into mere schooling now. It has become a process of spoon feeding. We are being fed with facts and knowledge without any need to understand how.

Education…has produced a vast population able to read but unable to distinguish what is worth reading. Our schooling does not leave us with time to get educated.

Education provides context to history, art, depth of understanding, and perspective that some people would not otherwise experience. This is part of the traditional role education fulfils in teaching about culture and the transmission of our society’s values.

We cannot assume that the six hours a day a student spends in school is sufficient to teach them to appreciate the riches of our society.

If education wants to capture the attention of children then it must compete with the increasingly effective seductions of commercial offerings.

We must stop teaching the curriculum and start teaching the individual if we are to truly understand the threat that is Artificial intelligence and automation.

Now students finish university spend years looking for anything more than menial labour; the next ten years are going to make this seem like a happy outcome. Within that time frame, we will face an employment crisis that will shake the foundations of our society, our political system, and our economy.

Combined with climate change and ever-increasing protectionism, and inequality the only answer is education, for adults as well as young people.

What is the value of memorizing facts if you can command them with a wave of a search engine?

It is understanding and context that are critically important.

We are headed into a world where creativity and innovative thinking will be more valuable than rote learning of any depth.

We will, instead, need to fall back on those things that are uniquely human, like art, teamwork, leadership, empathy, understanding, creativity, ingenuity, and all of the deeper aspects of human life and society. Computers, robots, and cheaper competition from abroad will take everything else.

Must we wait and see these problems racing towards us? Do we have the will do to something about them? Those are the questions that will determine why and how we need to change education.

Online education is booming.

Is this the solution to education ie distance learning?

Hundreds, if not thousands, of online colleges courses in dozens of fields, are now are open to distance learners making it possible for students to receive advanced training and earn college or university degrees without having to leave their native countries.

Online education is booming in poorer countries, which promises to raise the economic and social conditions in these countries.

There is also a potentially darker side to online education as well.

As demand increases and technology develops, companies will want to get a piece of the action by promoting their goods and services. This is part of the inevitable mix of money and education.

Not all “schooling” is “education,” and not all “education” is “schooling.

The new generation of student is born digital and the current system was designed in a different era and structured for a different society.


In the current climate, the true meaning of education has been lost. There are few educators today and there are too many trainers.

Something with specific and determined ends is schooling, not education.

Education is something we should value for its own sake, not for another purpose – it is an end in itself, not a means.

If you actually educate children and young people properly they will learn to think for themselves rather than just being indoctrinated – which is what “education for social justice” actually means.

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