Here we are and here we will stay till death do us part on a path to self-imposed environmental and social collapse.

# What

If we were to adopt an ecological civilisation instead of I am all right jack civilisation. One to serve not just the interest of the rich but the well being of everyone we would have a peaceful civil world.

We have the technology and the knowledge to move beyond the violence, fear, and daily struggle for survival if we make it a common goal.

To achieve such a world it requires leadership from every level of society.

We must remove nonessential consumption, remove the non-equitable distribution of wealth and power.

We must remove harmful technologies.

We must move to local self-reliance and reduce our belief that money is happiness.

We must use social media to lobby change.

Here is my first #what


If we placed a 0.05% world aid commission on all high-frequency trading, on all foreign exchange transaction over $50,000, on all sovereign wealth fund acquisitions, on all gambling, on all algorithms profits. We would create a perpetual funded fund of billions to address not just inequality but climate change.