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Up to now man has exploited almost every opportunity that has come his way to make profit.

In theory you could lay the blame for all our present day troubles on a plant that exploited man – Wheat – in which man invested, time, labor, energy,   power and money.

The next exploitation will not be a plant that we are all biological connected to. It will be an innate object called a micro chip turned into Algorithms.

In recent years we are just beginning to release that there is going to be a fundamental change to the ways we will be living our lives in the future.

Our modern global economy struggles with the challenge of using limited natural resources without exhausting them and we are just beginning to value lower life forms, perhaps because we are going to become one.

If and when computer programs attain super human intelligence with unprecedented power should we begin to value these microchip programs more than we value humans?

Would it be acceptable for artificial intelligence in the form of unsupervised Algorithms to exploit us and the earth?

If it is ethical for humans to exploit so must it be for AI.

This is what is taking place with Capitalist Algorithms that are designed to exploit greed.

Giant Tech like Google and Baidu are spending billions on the race for patents and intellectual property rights, combined with external funds (also in the billions) they are on a mission to privatizing the future.

In 2016, the AI market was worth just $644 million. This year (2017) that amount nearly double. Growing exponentially from there, AI is expanding its reach outside of the technology sector, nature and what it provides us all with is a risk of exploitation. 

It is now or never if we are to avoid dismal subjugation to continuing exploitation. There’s no turning back now.

Apple has become an icon of American capitalism, technological innovation, and shareholder wealth creation.

It’s hard to pinpoint the exact path that AI will take, but there is one thing for sure – It’s Time to Take AI Seriously.

A small, lucky handful of early movers will ride it to untold riches in the Cloud with Quantum Computing, which will result in the ultimate decoupling of humanity from individualism and nature, turning existence itself into mathematical patterns.

In the next five years artificial intelligence will exist as a layer of capability atop every business process, from customer service and marketing to product development and sales, across every industry.

This can be seen already with hungry money putting a monetary values on nature, as it commences to aid and abet, (failing to convey “real” ecological value or reasons for conservation) the packaging of fresh water, scarce resources, energy, etc.

Rest assured Google with biochemical algorithms will know you from the day you are born. Google was not born yesterday, nor was Twitter/Facebook, there  comments or like algorithms can already predict your opinions and desires and will perhaps make important life decision on your behalf such as electing the next D Trump.

By the time the rest of us find out about the phenomenon, it’s too late.

It’s already hard to design regulations that ensure we don’t over farm the land, don’t over fish the seas, don’t over cut the forests and don’t take too much water from our rivers and aquifers.

It is not hard to subject all emerging AI to examination.  To hold a copy of their software, before they degrade our humanity further. (See previous posts) 

Technology is arranging the world so that we don’t have to experience it.

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While there are numerous natural resources that are being capitalized upon all across the world we are all so preoccupied committing communal suicide on our smart phones, that we are now unintentionally buying into technology that is not going to save the planet but rape it.

Hungry investment money sole purpose is profit.

If you were expecting some kind of warning when computers finally get smarter than us, then think again.

Our electronic overlords are already taking control, and they are doing it in a far more subtle way than science fiction would have us believe.

Invisible computations that increasingly control how we interact with our electronic world are now acquiring the very essence of what makes the world tick. To the extent we’ve lost the sense of what’s actually happening in this world we’ve made.

Online trading algorithms that are increasingly controlling markets, stock exchanges, feeding on data to exploit any weakness, while Google’s data-crunching algorithm harvesting our personal data and shape the web we see accordingly. Changing the way humans think. As its code gets ever more sophisticated it is reaching its tentacles into all aspects of our lives, including our cultural preferences.

We have to challenge investments which are driven by AI algorithms if they are based on Profit.


Because they are packing nature into investment portfolios, which are going to cause more and more conflict in the world.

Take the Paris Climate Change agreement to limit Co2.  Worthless!

Because Hungry Money is undermining true conservation investment, and climate change incentives, turning them into emissions trading, commonly referred to as cap-and-trade, embodies commodification of nature in that it allows for the trade of pollution and emissions within a given limit for a specific environment.

Rather than simply outright prohibiting or allowing pollution and other various negative externalities, cap-and-trade essentially permits members of an industry to buy and sell units of emission with a maximum set for the industry as a whole.Image associée

Isn’t there something wrong with a world in which everything is for sale?

In recent decades, market values have crowded out non market norms in almost every aspect of life-medicine, education, government, law, art, sports, even family life and personal relations.

Without quite realizing it, we are drifted from having a market economy to being a market society. Technology and AI are undermining current economic systems with profits that do not contributing to any conservation or sustainability.

Tourist paradises have sprung up in places of high biodiversity, offering exclusivity to their owners and clients while violating agrarian rights, creating social conflict, and destroying ecosystems.

Gigantic cruse Ships bring hordes of App driven city slickers to UNESCO Sites destroying them like Venice, to the Antarctic, to African natural protected areas (in zones of predominantly private property), giving them exclusive rights and increasing real estate values and investments in tourism.Résultat de recherche d'images pour "pictures of hard core tourism"

While good governance can be an end in itself, the link between good
governance and poverty reduction is much more complex, and can be obscured by the intrusion of political agendas.

Absentee owners rarely have the same sense of stewardship and restraint as local owners.

What we don’t seem to be able to grasp is that we, every one of us is the Universe.  It flows through all of us, not through AI, or platforms driven by profit seeking Algorithms.

They will never be connected like us to it, with or without a conscious.   

As algorithms spread their influence beyond machines to shape the raw landscape around them, it might be time to work out exactly how much they know and whether we still have time to tame them.

The parameters used to define “money.”

Who believe money refers only to currencies such as bank notes, coins, and money deposited in savings or checking accounts, digital currency bitcoin, above-ground gold supply, and funds invested in various financial products.

The world isn’t that simple anymore, what Money Can’t Buy is now out of control thanks to AI.  

If we are to make this new World of technology work we must apply a World Aid commission on all Algorithms that are designed for profit. ( See previous posts)

There will be little use in walking around a world with Smart phones, Ipads, if we cannot unite before we all vanish into the cloud of exploitation.

You be the :

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