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It’s clear that Great Britain is now set on a seemingly intractable path towards leaving the European Union (EU). Even as the divorce is being finalized, questions remain in the minds of citizens and government leaders alike. Why Brexit? And why now?

Economics is not the answer. Britain has a strong and undisputed interest in an open economy with global connections through trade and finance. The EU has a strong and undisputed interest in preserving its trade and financial connections to Great Britain. Britain has a sweetheart deal that enables it to opt out of monetary union, keep the pound sterling and use its independent monetary policy to offset any disadvantages arising from Germany’s dominance of the European economy.

The dream of Brexit isn’t getting a brighter new energetic tomorrow.

Its more to do with old codgers infected with Bisto nostalgia wanting to look inwards.

I know that there is nobody in the UK that can remember the last thousand years.

England is saturated in European gravy from the Renaissance to Surrealism, from a souffle  to fish and chips. There is no such thing a Sovereignty in a world run by social media. What matter is that we have laws on the side of personal freedom.

“The onus” is on the UK to propose a solution, not the other way around.  After all it’s not the EU that want to leave Britain. There will be no Trade deals with an England offering sweet fanny Adam.

Europe is not gagging for England to stay and England will not wake up in the morning having to hand back their European library ticket.

Northern Ireland and Ireland have pledge to maintain protections from discrimination currently enshrined in EU law after Brexit. They also say Northern Irish citizens should be able to continue to choose whether they identify as British or Irish, and by default an EU citizen.

Whatever quarrels might arise within the European family, Britain’s privileged position is now under threat.

As the saying goes rats leave a sinking ship.  This is a basic fact when it comes to economics, as the Japanese proverb goes ” Money has no ears, but it hears and the louder it talks. ”

You can’t deal openly with the rest of the world — but only on your own terms.

The Brussels-based EU bureaucracy is an object of scorn everywhere, but nowhere else as much as in Britain. If economics alone were the deciding influence, these issues could be readily resolved.

The full and free movement of EU citizens, including to Britain, is a defining characteristic of the EU and of paramount importance to it.

If Brussels were to offer new privileges to Britain that are not available to its own members, the unity of the union would be threatened far more than it has been up to now.

If the Brexit negotiations fail to reach a conclusion that preserves the close association between the island and the continent, the costs will be felt more widely.

It will ushered in worrisome challenges to economic progress — and even to democracy — throughout England, Europe and the United States.

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The TTPI is a lose -lose scenario for the US never mind the UK.

ISDS or Investor-State Dispute Settlements are likely to be introduced through TTIP. They allow companies to sue governments for lost profits supposedly caused by policies of the government.

Corporate America would love to sue what is left of the broken UK special relationship.

America first America First.

There is no doubt that the US would rather deal with an England in the EU not out.

Its time to stop playing tennis. Love all is a long way off.

Then there is the question could a British exit open up a Pandora’s Box of other EU countries exiting or spark other regional independence movements, like  Catalonia?

Of course this could happen but only if England is seen to benefit with a deal that is better than what it has at the moment without all the EU member agreeing to such a deal. The likelihood of that is 27 to 1.

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