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It is difficult, of course, to predict how Trump’s administration will address ANY world issues never mind American issues and what the result will be.Afficher l'image d'origine

Trump has positive qualities that detractors should recognize: ideological flexibility, an ability to negotiate, great communication skills.

However, they seem easily overwhelmed by his obvious flaws: bigoted policies that target religions and utterances that slander Mexicans, a brash and imperious style, a tendency to hold grudges long beyond their sell-by date.

Trump is used to having his way. It’s extremely unlikely anyone will ever utter the phrase “poor Donald.”

The history of predicting how presidencies will play out isn’t pretty.

His Presidency is going to raise profound questions about America’s place in the world.

If you are to judge him by his words he phrases solutions in terms of “I,” but America is a “we” country.“

I will build a great, great wall on our southern border. And I will have Mexico pay for that wall.” Would the wall do as intended? And could Trump really secure the money to pay for it?

The answer to both is probably no.


Trump is no match for the American political system, with its three branches of government.

Trump’s more likely to end up like Jimmy Carter—a poor craftsman of legislation and a crushing disappointment to his supporters.

So what will the Trump presidency be like?

Trump’s success will fuel the populist, nativist, nationalist, closed-border movements already so evident in Europe and spreading to other parts of the world.

He will try to rewrite the rules of modern alliances, trade deals, and foreign aid. For the Middle East, it foreshadowed a possible alignment with Russia and fresh conflict with Iran.

It promises to Upend the International Order.

An America more focused on its own affairs while leaving the world to take care of itself.“ presidency will make the U.S. sink into a full-blown crisis, including an economic one.”

Every moment will be a challenge. Every move or declaration will be something that will not make us comfortable. No matter what he is going to be America’s most unpredictable commander-in-chief. Trump speaks his own mind on major international issues — and sometimes disagrees with his own mind too.

We all know what Trump thinks of China. China could dump US assets.

Trump’s reign will pose new threats to already fragile world economy.

There will be a slowdown in the global economy.

If Trump wants to ramp up the bombing of the Islamic State militant group (ISIS), as he’s promised, it’s unlikely Congress can stop him.

The temptation to use executive orders will proved irresistible.

Jokes aside, the consequences to poor people, immigrants, LGBTQ people, people of color, women, Muslims and more could be disastrous. He’s also not a savior. Due to his solipsistic personality and vague, unworkable policies, he could never be what he promises.

In case you haven’t noticed, Trump kind of openly despises the media. He is already pretty bad at making friends of international leaders.

It’s more than likely Trump would wind up being just another president on the alphabetical roll call.

He seems like the antithesis of the outgoing president.

You would be a fool to think that none of this could happen in the good ole USA under President Trump. It is already happening.

After the inauguration, the president signed an executive order repealing Obama’s executive order that allowed as many as 5 million immigrants without documentation to stay in the U.S.