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How smart are we?

For 30,000 years our species has been changing remarkably quickly and we’re not done yet. We changed the world irrevocable and may soon transform ourselves as a species.Afficher l'image d'origine

The technology part sounds quite cyborg-ish, with humans developing their own QR Codes on skin (that would be kind of like DNA, I suppose), Chlorophyll skin (skin with chlorophyll) and digi-eye where the eye itself would presumably perform digital functions you would expect from a display.Afficher l'image d'origine

IF YOU’RE UNDER 45 YEARS OLD! GOD WILL BE WEARING A WHITE LAB COAT, WORKING IN A GENETIC LAB. These humans will evolve into electronic immortals. Mature in seconds, experiencing the years of angst via simulated reality in torrents of electrons.

The future of humanity is often viewed as a topic for idle speculation.

In that sense, it is hardly reasonable to think of the future of humanity as a topic: it is too big and too diverse to be addressed as a whole in a single essay, monograph, or even 100-volume book series.

One might argue that the current century, or the next few centuries, will be a critical phase for humanity and you would be right.

The first thing to notice is that the longer the time scale we are considering, the less likely it is that technological civilization will remain within the zone we termed “the human condition.”

The cumulative probability of post humanity, like that of extinction, increases monotonically over time.

Within a few centuries they will have become a new species traveling beyond the solar system.

An enterprise for posthumans—organic or inorganic.”

For example, whether and when Earth-originating life will go extinct, whether it will colonize the galaxy, whether human biology will be fundamentally transformed to make us post human, whether machine intelligence will surpass biological intelligence, whether population size will explode, and whether quality of life will radically improve or deteriorate: these are all important fundamental questions about the future of humanity.

One might believe that super intelligence will be developed within a few centuries, and that, while the creation of superi ntelligence will pose grave risks, once that creation and its immediate aftermath have been survived, the new civilization would have vastly improved survival prospects since it would be guided by super intelligent foresight and planning.

Once a human or post human civilization becomes dispersed over multiple planets and solar systems, the risk of extinction declines.

In the coming decade wearables will enable the equivalent of personalized weather forecasts for our health: 80 percent increased probability in health and happiness for you next week, based on your recent stress/sleep/social-emotional activities.

But what will human beings will look like in the future?

Afficher l'image d'origine

Our faces will have changed almost beyond recognition.

Through genetic engineering, everyone will have darker skin.

An amalgamation of evolution and genetic engineering will allow society to bend human biology to human needs. Bone-conduction devices, with embedded nanochips, will communicate with some external device for communications and entertainment.

Will we ever colonize outer space?

That depends on the definition of ‘colonize.’ If landing robots qualifies, than we’ve already done it. If it means sending microbes from Earth and having them persist and maybe grow, then, unfortunately, it’s not unlikely.

Will sex become obsolescent?

No, but having sex to conceive babies is likely to become at least much less common. In 20 to 40 years we’ll be able to derive eggs and sperm from stem cells.

We won’t need to speak since we will communicate telepathically to one another.

Our noses and ears, toes, even our chins will have disappearing.

Our brains will fit in our pockets.

We will be shorter and smaller due to overcrowding of the world.

We will have a flexible outer or exoskeleton.

We won’t be human at all but bio-robots from the future.

Perhaps it’s all bullshit. You’re surrounded by squabbling, vindictive, greedy, small-minded morons, the only thing that develops is the ability to engage mouth without engaging brain, you have to wonder if the species has hit an evolutionary cul-de-sac or is really capable of taking things further????

In every sector, human activities have proven to be altering/damaging the global eco-system at a speed so much fast than the self-adapt speed of the Earth.

If humanity goes extinct, it stays extinct.