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Artificial intelligence is not just the frozen father of TRANSHUMANISM it will decide much of our future.Afficher l'image d'origine

Clearing away that mental block allows one to see a dazzling landscape of radical possibilities, ranging from unlimited bliss to the extinction of intelligent life.

The future will be filled with digital implants, mind controlled exoskeleton upgrades, age reversal pills, hyper-intelligence brain implants and bionic muscle upgrades.

All of these technologies will literally make us dependent on autonomous inventors of algorithms run by software.  So the sense one gets from this and other futurist predictions is that the future they predict is in the past.

Transhumanism is undeniably being actively pushed by mass media and promoted as something that is necessary and inevitable in the future. That way, when it will actually happen, nobody will be outraged by it, it will be considered as something normal.

But transhumanism will only be available to the richest and most powerful people and the world (the world elite) and will created an even wider gap between the “masses” and the “elite”.

Yes. Change happens, and to the victor belong the spoils.

Mr Trump. Represents the rising power of individuals against states, a growing middle class that will increasingly challenge governments, and ongoing shortages in water, food and energy and climate change.

However Artificial Intelligence in the form of unsupervised algorithms represents the hidden agenda of dying capitalism and where real power will end up. In the hands of a few.

If things continue in the current direction, the future we face will likely feature more starkly enforced social rules accompanied by fewer science achievements.

When machines start to make themselves smarter, without the need for people to make them, very strange things may happen.

As we consider the varieties of human experience of the future, and the kinds of modes through which we may eventually coexist with intelligences other than our own we are deeply irresponsible not to consider any regulations by Universal Laws Governing Scrutability of all technologies using programming algorithms.Afficher l'image d'origineIt could result in a two-tiered society comprising enhanced and nonenhanced persons, a dynamic that would likely require government oversight and regulation.

Soon, man intact with all his natural parts, may be available only in museums.

Advances in information technologies and AI are combining with advances in the biological sciences including genetics, reproductive technologies, neurosciences, synthetic biology.

With our devices becoming twice as powerful every eighteen months with more and more sophisticated algorithms we need to be vigilant even if the programs don’t, learn, understand or anticipate in the way we humans do.


You don’t have to look far to see what is happening.

Just yesterday we witness the first autonomous bank robbery in the Uk.

Autonomous systems, whether drones or automated trading systems are infiltrating all our lives.

The democratization of Knowledge by Google and the Internet are turning into the colossal repository of human knowledge.

The human brain via genetic and bio-engineering with the nuclear family as a social unit is coming under fire from Facebook.

There are all sorts of speculation concerning AI.

The truth is that robots are not likely to become self-aware or decide that you are redundant.

As always the threat as ever is us.

Combined this with greed by Algorithmic bias to profit, (This time it will be with blind stupidity beyond anything we have seen before) we will end up relying on systems that are inscrutable because of no one programmed them.

The current regulations which are non existence are already outdated.

For example they don’t recognize that computers are already producing patentable inventions.

Computers are no longer a simple tool but autonomous inventors.

Should the technology be developed in the first place?

To what ends should it be deployed?

How the technology is to go forward, how should it proceed?

How and who do we monitor Technologies to ensure adherence to transparency?

Is the technology committed to equality, available to the less well off?

Is there a level of intervention, and accountability?

Who is responsible when a program goes awry?

We need to consider what limits we place on AI ?

What restrains and safeguards should be placed within these programs?

The list is endless.

If you think that this is all hogwash.

On August 12, 2013, something remarkable took place at the University of Washington. Professor Rajesh Rao sat down in his laboratory and put on an unusual-looking cap, covered with electrodes. This headpiece was connected to an electroencephalography machine – a computer with the ability to read signals from the brain.

Then, with the power of thought, Prof Rao was able to move the finger of his colleague, Andrea Stocco, sitting half a mile away on the other side of campus. Stocco himself had no choice: his body was simply responding to a command sent by Rao, transmitted over the internet.

This historic experiment represented the world’s first human brain-to-brain interface, and was replicated with a further six volunteers in November this year.


It is going to have impacts way beyond the purely technological and economic.

As Abraham Lincoln said ” You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today”

Its time for a Independent, transparent, new world Institution, to set the Regulations and Laws governing all aspect of technology.

The out of date United nations is totally incapable of supervising the far reaching effects that Artificial Intelligence is having, or going to have and all of us.