( An AI Halloween thought –  one minute read)

Hundred of thousands of jobs are going to be automated. We are already seeing examples, with little resistance politically or for that matter no one else.

Machine learning and automation is being introduced into decision-making process and in the very near future powerful AI Algorithms will be making decisions that we know nothing about.

Looking at the state of the world and the lack of intelligent leaders perhaps it will be a good thing.

The danger is that the programmers of the algorithms even if they know what the algorithm is designed to do by the time it has completed its deep learning network’s training they will have no idea, and because of the modified it has learned on the way there is no guarantee whether it will consistently yield good results.

Take for instance, if a deep learning AI used in Law enforcement started displaying racist behaviour, it will be impossible to figure out why.

We are becoming more and more relying on Ai to the point that we are not going to notice when its behaviour or priorities start developing sub- optimal results.

Most of us now have computers in the palms of our hands, and instead of using them to expand our minds, or even help make decisions in society most people use them for likes on social media.

There is no doubt that technology is a necessity for survival but if we don’t do something to ensure that it does not take over our lives by dehumanizing ourselves they will be used 90% for greed.

You might as well bar code our arms and get it over and done.  If we don’t have the entitlement to know how an institution arrived at a conclusion – even if an AI did the concluding.

Human beings are creating a new breed of intelligence: it would be irresponsible not to try to understand it.

Will it be the case that we love and marry robots without knowing why.

It is time to pass laws making all people who create Al accountable for what they do.  The trouble is we can’t rely on self-regulation and we can’t trust Capitalism institutions to pass and enforce AI laws. 

We must create a new Institution that is totally transparent not run by any AI Algorithms but by the values that apply to us all.

The likelihood of this happening is Zero. It could be Tootwit Toohow for all of us.