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Currently we have in the region of 65 million people displaced in the world.

With the combination of climate change and inequality of opportunity this is set to grow.

It is time to address the root causeS not with Aid but with preventative action.Afficher l'image d'origine

The analytical discussion, the comments on refugee causes still remain, sadly, unchanged. This has to change.  If not we are provoking an unprecedented humanitarian crises that will plunge the world into an irreversible spiral for uncontrollable miserere for all.

The reasons why people become refugees are not necessarily due to individual persecution or fear of persecution.

We have to tackle the modern refugee problems and especially the problem on how to prevent new wars and situations arise. In an increasingly complex world, massive refugee flows will likely endanger international peace and security.

Above all there is a pressing need to change situations where refugees are exploited as a weapon in a political strife. (ie, situations in which people become refugees to serve specific strategic or political purposes.)

The states of the international community can no longer ignore the victims of specific practices (which amount to persecution and massive human rights violations) only because they are still in their countries of origin.

Take Yemen’s humanitarian situation.

It is arguably the worst humanitarian crisis in the world and the world is looking the other way. The United Nations reports that Yemen has more people — 21.2 million — in need of humanitarian aid than any other country including Syria.

The last 30 years, especially the early Cold War period, besides being directly and indirectly the cause for millions of refugees, seriously impeded effective preventive actions.

The average period of time for displacements globally has grown to 17 years.

The international community (If indeed such a thing exists) should move forcefully now, while almost global cooperation is still possible.

Now is the time for a progressive development of a global approach to the refugee problem.

The approach to prevent rather than to cure is gaining acceptance as the most desirable course of action.  The preventive course is advancing towards a more proactive approach to promote human rights, democracy and peace. The call to respect human rights and humanitarian law can no longer be considered merely as lip service, but rather figures now prominently on international agendas.

It’s time to realize that we are all connected to each other and our lives are affected if terrible things happen elsewhere.

Because the United Nations is not an independently Funded World organisation we have hundreds and hundreds of UN resolutions that have all proved unworkable.

Donor fatigue is “jeopardizing its entire existing and aid programs.

“Humanitarian aid can staunch the dying, but it takes politics and money to stop the killing.”

It is obvious to all that can see that future violent conflicts will likely take the form of resource wars – which can be understood as those conflicts which are primarily waged over access to scarce resources such as rare minerals, water, or oil.

All the Aid in the world will be too late making the U.N. (if not already) powerless to further the international protection of human rights.

World politics is already going in the wrong direction.


To achieve prevention we must create a World Aid Commission on all transactions that are designed to create Profit for Profit sake.

A 0.005% commision on:  All High Frequency Trading.

All Foreign Exchange Transactions over ($20,000)

All Sovereign Wealth Funds Acquisitions.

These three Profit for Profit (on their own) would create a perpetual Fund of billions.

They could be complemented by all World Financial Institutions issuing World Aid bonds that are tax-free.

All suggestions much appreciated.

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