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While acknowledging that the current immigration/ refugee problems facing Europe are difficult in the extreme to manage they have being created for the most part by us through european colonization, the plunder for natural resources, and interference, which have resulted in our current day wars.Afficher l'image d'origine

It is not possible to address all the reasons but the western elite that currently rules the world has 3 majors intellectuals influences:

Machiavelli (How to rule over people with cynicism and deception), Hegel (using the Hegelian dialectic of history they consider the western civilization as the end of history) and Darwin (the Survival belongs to the fittest, therefore the white race should stay at the top and rule over other races).

I strongly believe we are the same humanity, and like the plant and flowers, colored differently by location and conditions to survive and thrive.Afficher l'image d'origine

Young people aspire to emulate the most successful models in their society, and now the only visible and tangible model available is the rich subaltern model.

Anyone who wants to understand the intellectual principles that are shaping our current world, should deeply understand the above 3 authors and their influence on the western elite.

“If you want to control the people, separate the people and you can rule them. Divide them and you can conquer them.”

That is just what the European is now about. Bartering in Humans who are destitute. It is the process of dehumanization. It is cynical but it is for the profit!

Dignity is not something Europe cared about.

Magazines photos showing it at its worst now fill the mind of billions of people around the world, and unfortunately those people can’t help but think about Europe only through those images. (In the same time, those medias won’t show the photo of a dead American or English soldier, because it’s shocking and doesn’t respect human dignity)

It must be said that most of these refugees have very little idea of the world they are living in, specially the forces and trends that are shaping it.

The worst consequence of this “free publicity” is the way it has deeply impacted the refugees self-perception and self-image.

All we are doing is creating more enemies for the future.

For any society to prosper it should have a endogenous system of identifying, training and coaching its future leaders. Some countries do it through their military services, some do it through elite schools, and some others do it through informal coaching and assistance organizations or secret societies.Solomon

The “Poverty porn” of the NGOs, the humanitarian organizations, and Western medias is the problem number one because it sabotages self-image, weakens, sell-confidence and resolve, and contributed hugely to the hate and racism we now all face all over the world.

International AID is now doing more harm than good.

It has become the main tool used by foreign governments and organizations to corrupt the elite, and get them to behave so irrationally toward their own populations and the basic interest of their countries. You end up with a species with incompatible types, where one has to triumph over the other or risk extinction.

Take Africa for instance; What is the problem?

The problem is that you can’t develop a country or continent where the majority of people who have the potential to become leaders are raised to be “good subalterns” to be successful.Colonial-Africa

Aside corruption and the criminality, International Aid is the root of the 5 Stars colonization disease that cripple the African elite which dislike the responsibility and the self-sacrifice that comes with being in control of a nation destiny. As far as they enjoyed the status offered by their positions, they never liked the responsibilities demanded by the jobs, therefore they use international aid programs as substitute to their responsibilities.

Elites are elites, and they don’t like someone else to tell them what to do, or to think, elites are not influenced, they pretend to be, but serve their own interests, or deeper convictions, they are not ‘genuinely’ influenced by thinkers. 

So many charity dinner against starvation where people eat like 4, that’s disgusting.

If Africa needs any aid, the most urgent one is to get rid of the 40 billions corruption industry (called International Aid) that shackles its youth and elite, cultivates and maintains the beggar mentality.

How would you develop any country when the dream of  the majority  of its youth and elite is not entrepreneurship, innovation, education and self-sufficiency, but the dream to have a job with a humanitarian organization or to get their project financed by some International aid Agency or proxy.

They are creating new realities like “People from the North” compared to “people from the South” or “people from the West”. They invent new divisions with creative imagination, like the Belgians falsely created the “Tutsi” and “Hutu” tribes in Rwanda which ultimately lead to the genocide in 1994.

The western medias seems to follow an agenda of further dividing African nations and populations with their constant framing of Africa through fight between tribes, religions, geography, etc.

This must stop before African could unite to fight their way out.

The influence of western medias in Africa is very negative, and could be considered as part of Africa problems.Ennemi-within

With today’s cheap and world-wide media platforms on the internet, we are projecting world issues, but the patterns are shaped by a power grabbing philosophies, the us vs them, the one up one down.

We all need to wake up around the world black, white, yellow, brown and start talking at the levels of people, communities, not just among those who rule over us cause they have different agendas.

Charles Darwin makes this point very clear –“At some future period, not very distant as measured by centuries, the civilised races of man will almost certainly exterminate and replace throughout the world the savage races.

China is using a new form of economic subjugation.

What is important is a deep understanding of where we are and owning our own problems and solutions and find a solutions among ourselves. The only way to unlearn lies is to learn the truth.Posted @ QUOTEZ.CO

If we can’t solve our problems in our surrounding, the other people coming from other places won’t as well.

We better know better!

It’s unfortunate that the world is unable to prosper harmoniously.

“Can all people in the world live the way the developed countries are living ? ” The answer will be No. There is no enough resources for that.

However it is necessary to put things in perspective there are enough resources to Grant temporary Asylum to those that have risked all..  We need to tap into our Possibilities! Create enemies or friends. The world has closed its eyes.

The UN refugee agency have made an appeal for international aid to help with

the influx of people. This what we hear all to often.

We must replace our out of date World Organisations with a new World Aid Organisation.( see previous Posts)