For crying out loud there can be no heart that has not being moved by the latest picture from the Mediterranean Shores.A Turkish border guard carries the body of a migrant child after a number of migrants died and a smaller number were reported missing after boats carrying them to the Greek island of Kos capsized, near the Turkish resort of Bodrum

If there is they don’t represent me. 

Europe for god sake of all places in the world has seen enough death in its history.

There is no point to a European Union if it can not united to help people fleeing War.

While Europe is squabbling, people are dying.

It time to stop the political diarrhea.

Some countries, like Sweden and Germany, are being generous with their acceptance of refugees, but warn that they cannot be this generous forever. Other countries, like Britain, are strictly applying regulations to dissuade migrants and asylum seekers, while opposing a European Commission proposal in June for mandatory quotas for settlement, to help share the burden.

There is no European Union standard for asylum; no common list of countries regarded as in conflict, and thus more likely to produce refugees; and no collective centers where asylum seekers can be met, housed, fed and screened.

On the Greek crisis, “we had one meeting after another at the highest level,”  these are people not money perhaps that is the difference.

For crying out loud get your fingers out of your self loving arse holes.