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The other day I was sitting in the garden looking at a cherry tree.

I had a though that lead me to another thought – Where do thoughts come from.

How does the cherry tree know when to flower? You can look it up on Google.

Anyway this might be a bit deep for some.

You often hear the expression “I have lost my mind “

The question is where was it in the first place. Your brain is still there.

Back to the cherry tree.

All living thinks on Earth share a basic Mechanism. The tree get its energy from the sun and its mechanism activate the flowers. We on the other hand get our energy like animals from protein and like animals our brains compute data that is controlled based on our Memories, Emotions, and Thoughts that come from the Brain; which cannot be measured directly or objectively.

So where does Ego,Self,Sprite, fit in?

The brain works on information within itself by chemical and electrical transmission which we can these day see on MRI Scans. But it has no muscles, so you can’t see it moving. Its activity is invisible.

So where does the mind get its thoughts from. What is it ?  Where is it ?

Unlike Animals brains our brains allows self-awareness.

Is the mind Independent from the brain. Or are the mind and brain  the same.

To day they say that the mind is a function of the brain activity – as far as I can see there is no physical proof of this fact.

Is the mind located elsewhere? Or is it indeed the sum of the functions of the Entire Brain.

The Egyptians believed it was in the heart and in Babylonia times it was in the liver.

Plato ( c 428 bce- c 247 bce) in the spinal cord.

Aristotle ( c 348 bce- c 322 bce) the heart.

Hippocrates ( c 460 bce- c 377 bce) The mind was a function of the brain.

Rene Descartes (1596-1650) In the Pineal Gland- in the Brain.

Blaise Pascal ( 1632-1662) Man is a thinking Reed.

Robert De Mayo Dillon ( 1947-    ) The mind is just a though it does not exist.

It was the Cherry tree that gave me the thought in the first place.

Your real nature is like the sky, like space. Just remain like the sky and let thought-clouds come and go. If you cultivate this attitude of indifference towards the mind, gradually you will cease to identify yourself with it.