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In today’s modern world we take so much for granted that life is not what it seems. 

In an infinite universe you are not unique you are insignificant.

How quickly we have regressed from all life having value to negotiating the circumstances of our own and other’s demise. Should we have the ability to value our own lives, or is this something we should ask the government to do for us or is it really impossible to put a value on human life.

The “infinite” value of a “priceless” human life is under attack.  Death is not an event of life so is our earthly life meaningless?

Every thing has being figured out except how to live in a world that is so complicated so diverse, that it is beyond must human comprehension. Unless it’s a Muslim accused of terrorism, in which case they should be dispatched post-haste.  After the outrage dies down, nothing will change.

Here is an overview of Life. 

To Quote Jason Silva


Realize that society cannot spend an infinite amount of money to protect and extend each person’s life, and some choices have to be made in the realm of health and safety regulation. We have to decide to what extent we are willing to expand resources to prevent unnecessary death rather than improve education, increase handicap access, or ensure a cleaner environment.

These days Money, after all, represents the distilled life of the person who earned it. And if life has any value, then people should be at ethical liberty to spend it as they wish. But not everybody believes that. Is cloning humans moral?  How about stem-cell research, which offers the near-term prospect of practically eternal life? How about selling body parts?

Online bidding at eBay pushed the price of a kidney to $5.7 million before the web auctioneer stopped the bidding because it violated federal laws. The offering, posted by a Floridian named ‘Hchero’, read as follows: “Fully functional kidney for sale. You can choose either kidney. Buyer pays all transplant and medical costs. Of course, only one for sale, as I need the other one to live. Serious bids only.”

As well as online auctions of human eggs, which has also been made illegal. A California entrepreneur launched a new website allowing infertile couples (among others) to bid on the ova of beautiful models and actresses.

Estimates were that bids could go as high as $150,000 at the website, which attracted nearly 5 million hits in the first 24 hours of operation last year. Bio-ethicists think it promotes shallow values.

While many people think of governments in terms of wasteful bureaucracies and windbag politicians, recent events in Paris have reminded us that they are also places where life-and-death decisions are made. However the place where a human life stands the least chance of survival is, in fact, the very place where it should be most protected in a mother’s womb.

The concept of infinite value of a human life leads to a sense of cognitive dissonance in the light of the real world life has a finite value, just like anything else.

So what is the value of life? In theory, a year of human life is priceless. In reality, it’s worth $50,000.

May be we should be asking what is the value of existence rather than life.

Do you not see any value in anything you do or achieve? Are the pleasures in life are mere deceptions, stifling the terror of death?

The cosmic wave back ground of the big bang is an only a snap shot of the Universe that we have. Light takes one second to travel to the moon. One hour to Jupiter. So you can calculate the years to the beginning of the universe by light -13.7 million years ago but the question is where does the light come from and where does it go as infinity has no end.

To Jason Silva Again.

” Life exists in individual moments and it is up to us make sure that those moments are vast, interconnected and grand. A journey through time and space to the nuclear hub of creation. We all destined to make this journey back to the source of all that exists an endless voyage of discovery that begins at the very moment of mortal death.”

” To make a masterpiece out of life. One that we would live again and again for all eternity. This is what we should strive for. I love this idea, essentialising our lives, of italicising our experiences, of turning our story into thus story, of seeing the universe in the pacific and sort of align ourselves with the archetype of the Hero’s journey, of trying to see a departure from the ordinary in every single instant. A chance to learn something new, a chance to leverage obstacles and learn from them and met people along the way that can teach us something.”

“Transcend your own limitations, as Stephen Johnston says, “ the world is full of clues and you can read your way through it.” If you are able to turn your life into an art piece. If you are able to turn your narrative into a non-narrative, then you become that Hero; you become the God of your life. It is the archetype of every Film. It’s the Joseph Campbell Hero’s journey.”


How we compare the relative values of human lives—and why we’re able to do so at all, despite the frequently expressed sentiment that all lives have equal worth is governed by age that affects our assessment of a human life.

So if we can calculate the age of the Universe by cosmic waves is it logic to assume that there is different sizes of infinity like a Google Plex that can not be written down.



The last organ to die, is the brain. At the moment of death, a person recalls one’s entire life in a span of a few seconds. Most common memories include a feeling of detachment from the body, feelings of levitation, total serenity, security, warmth, the experience of absolute dissolution, and the presence of an overwhelming light.

Life principle” of one’s future existence, and the nature of these thoughts will depend upon the predominant character during the person’s life.

Have we  just answered one of the greatest questions in the history of mankind.



Far from it.

Scientology actually sign a billion year contract with the church leadership for membership of their soul to the church.

The Christian point of view, if death is conceived as final, it denies the prospect of eternal life in paradise and the concept of divine reward and punishment. There is a linear concept of time; the world is created, we all act out God’s plan and eventually the world will end and we will live in eternity with God.

Hinduism and Buddhism believe that we have another existence in the next life.

Mormons believe in a three-tiered heaven

Most Moslems believe in a heaven or hell and a last judgement which will happen on the last day.

Voodooism from the Caribbean and Shintoism from Japan and certain Persian religions believe in the divine.

Jews mostly focus on this life on earth but there are elements of Orthodox Jews that believe in the “World to come!” Some Jews have argued that the dead will be resurrected after the Messiah comes. Jesus Christ is not the Messiah. They are waiting for the real Messiah.

For the religious person, meaning and life after death are therefore inextricably linked. Death is considered evil by those who think that it removes meaning from life.

Epicurus ethics is that we should be free of fears and anxieties and that one should not let death ruin your life.

Lucretius assumes a symmetry of past and future; not being born and being dead are equivalent. Religion and philosophy are attempts to give meaning to life, when we discover that there really is none.

We can only judge life from the internal perspective.

The meaning of life can only be found within life itself. The eternal hourglass of existence is eternally turned—and you with it. The life we currently lead is the most important of all. This in contrast with the Christian point of view in which this life is only a speck in eternity.

Human Beings are  marked by the capacity to transcend instinct and desire and to make conscious, ethical choices.

Life only has meaning specifically because there is an end.

Death is what forces people to live.  An unexamined life is not worth living’

Confused. Don’t be Life is the Bolus- bolus. The eternal recurrence of the same.

So are we  mentally dead.

The idea that “human life is sacred” is important because it functions as a foundation stone. It is the axiom on which rests the whole of our civilization respect for life is not just a religious value, it is a foundational value of all societies in which reasonable people would want to live especially in conditions of radical uncertainty where values and principles might compete with equal ‘weight’  

Every living human being lives by certain values. The positive values are Honesty, Compassion, Integrity, Forgiveness, Love, Knowledge, Discipline, Faith, and Leadership. The negative values like prejudice, hatred, greed, selfishness,

Broadly there are three types of human beings in existence in reference to human values

The first kind is the ones who think, what rightfully belongs to others, is other’s property, and even what belongs to them is also meant for others. An attitude of supreme sacrifice and renunciation, these human beings are closer to divinity than humanity.

The second kind is the one that thinks, what belongs to others is other’s property, but what belongs to them is their sole property and theirs by right. These classes of humans are more of human and less of divine, but they are of no harm to the society. they are very close to being perfect human beings.

The third type is the one which think that whatever exists on this planet belongs to them and they should get it by means fair or foul. These types of people are one with the least human values and they are a danger to the society.

The Problem with the disease of life is that there is no distinction between defending human life and promoting the dignity of the human person.

To achieve this goal, the priority plan should be free Education for all. Without education the struggle for equality will be an unending source of social strife unless man begins to view his fellows as brethren – human beings to whom he owes love and loyalty and for whom he is willing to sacrifice.

Without this society degenerates into opposing factions, each insisting on its own set of rights and the duty we owe each other as brothers and sisters is quickly forgotten as the Darwinian struggle reasserts itself.

The inevitable result of radical secularization and Islamization will be war, destruction and death on an unimaginable scale as each opposing group makes its claim on the measure of human worth.


The values the lives of people in rich nations up to fifteen times higher than those in poor countries. Since each stage of life has its own unique gift to give to humanity, we need to do whatever we can to support the even spread of opportunity to all by capping Greed ( SEE Previous Posts)

We ought to take the same attitude toward nurturing the human life cycle as we do toward saving the environment from global warming and industrial pollutants.

Life or existence is a gamble- here to day gone to morrow – A walking shadow that struts and frets its hour on the stage. That screams and cry’s and is heard no more.