In a few days time if you are lucky you will be celebrating Christmas oblivious to the world you live in.  May the Blessings of the season be on you as it not intention to spoil your Christmas by reminding you that we live in a world where inequality is deeply entrenched and widely supported, and where most efforts seem to contribute to the efficient management of inequality.

The path of economic development that defines early 21st–century globalization is associated with growing inequalities of wealth and power within and between states and it is a path toward greater and greater inequality.

In other words, the current direction of globalization is increasing the economic and social injustice being done to the vast majority of the human family today.

Billions of people trapped in poverty worldwide feel the injustice intensely as they glimpse the lifestyles of the rich and famous of the world.

And you ask why is Terrorism growing, and what can be done about it?

In fact, the question, “what causes terrorism?” is not quite the right question to be asking, because we will never be able to answer it.

Since the 1960s a plethora of studies have been published on the topic. However, despite the proliferation of academic studies and political discussions calling for a closer look at the root causes, there has been no real improvement in understanding.

Kofi Annan said it best – “[w]e should not pretend that […] the decision to resort
to terrorism is unrelated to the political, social and economic situation in which
people find themselves.

Many people around the world perceive an unjust social and economic order imposed on them by forces that are, at best, indifferent to their needs. But we would be mistaken if we assume, equally, that terrorists are mere products of their environment.

Now don’t get me wrong I am not highlighting or justifying terrorism in all its barbaric actions. I am interest in removing it from the face of the Globe and how it might be possible to achieve steps in the right direction.

It is by no means a new phenomenon and “today society faces not one terrorism but many terrorism.

”Terrorism is considered one of the gravest dangers to our society, particularly because the highly publicized events of 9/11 demonstrated the consequences of terrorist acts.

Extremist ideologies of a secular or religious nature are at least-an intermediate cause of terrorism, serve to dehumanize the enemy and justify atrocities.

It may be true that religious fanaticism creates conditions that are favorable for terrorism. But we know that religious zealotry does not ’cause’ terrorism because there are many religious fanatics who do not choose terrorism or any form of violence. Although many people today believe that religious fanaticism “causes” terrorism, it isn’t true. We cannot say that the presence of one factor provokes terrorism in the same way that we can say with scientific certainty that certain toxins cause diseases.

Terrorism is a complex phenomenon; it is a specific kind of political violence committed by people who do not have legitimate army at their disposal. People that have become violent criminals, or nut cases using political arguments to justify their pathological need to be violent. A recent example in Australia where a certified Iranian nutter was classified as a terrorist by the world media, when in fact he was a deranged dangerous criminal.

Political terrorists are driven to commit acts of violence as a consequence of psychological forces, and that their psycho-logic is constructed to rationalize acts they are psychologically compelled to commit” terrorists live in the
divinely decreed future, a point in time where the ultimate realization of their
political destiny can be attained. This is the reason that we will never be able to eradicated it completely.

So what can be done?

Lessons from the past will provide a manual for handling the present challenges appears to be unrealistic with “knee-jerk” responses.

We all know the Illegitimate or corrupt governments frequently give rise to Terrorism. Repression by foreign occupation, unwillingness by the state to integrate dissident groups ethnic minority discriminated against by the majority lack of opportunity for political participation revenge or action, may trigger terrorist action.

However I believe that a large part of the real causes can be found in other quarters.

For instance;  Free media helps perpetuate terrorism in a society; without publicity, the actions of terrorist groups may ineffective and counterproductive in achieving their end goals. a free press will almost always assure maximum returns for terrorism and in turn will overestimate the relationship between democracy and terrorist activities. They should stop labeling ever violent act as terrorist. Remove the description and revert to naming the group.

If we can remove black money from this world and reduce poverty, terrorism disappears.

Terrorists can do nothing without money. All their purchases and transactions are illegal. For illegal purchases, they need to pay more than market price. Terrorists cannot operate without support from local people who are purchased. Poor people are the low-cost manpower for terrorist groups.

Education as the key to eradicate terrorism.

The United Nations should pass a resolution that all Companies commercial or otherwise quoted on the stock exchanges of the world  (with a value of £1 million and over) must provide two free Apprentices places at the start of their financial year.

The United Nations should get all the nations that it represent to agreed to a free United Nations Youth Touring Visa. To enable all University Graduates in the world to travel for two years.

And last put not lest.

The United Nations should pass a people’s of the world resolution’s to Cap Greed. Creating a perpetual source of funds so it does not have to beg. ( see previous posts: 0.05% World Aid commission)

The United Nation could open an App Called The UN Role of Shame. In which it could track and name countries/ organisations that commit human abuse, sell arms, don,t pay their subscription. make promises of Aid and don’t deliver.

The fertilizers of terrorism is poverty, poor people or hungry people who can do anything for food. we need a sincere effort to reduce inequalities and particularly opportunity inequalities. This can only be achieved by tapping into Capitalist Greed.

So when you lift that glass of Champagne to ring in the new  year  ( 110,000,000 bottles world-wide) you toast should be  ” Here to the future World a place we are proud of and willing to share with all.”

When we experience a life changing event the universe gives us a peek to who we are and what we are made of.