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The other day Pope Francis addressed the Strasbourg Parliament.

Pope Francis addresses the European Parliament

In his speech he referred to the European Union as an Institution/ Organisation run by aloof and opulent leaders that treat their citizens as cogs in a machine. ” They have forgotten how to talk about anything but economics, and treat people as humans beings”

He went on to Call the Europe a ” Barren Grandmother” run by bureaucratic technicalities of Institutions.

How right he is.

When technology is allowed to take over there is a confusion between ends and means. This can be seen in all aspects of present day life. The inevitable consequence of throwaway culture and uncontrolled consumerism.

He believes that people of faith must build bridges from one community to another, and from the present to a future of peace, tolerance and goodwill.

Another words prosperity and dignity for all in a world where humankind lives in harmony with nature. He is not the first or will he be the last to have this aspiration.

Never before has man had such capacity to control his own environment: to end thirst and hunger; to conquer poverty and disease, to banish illiteracy and massive human misery. We have the power to make this the best generation of mankind in the history of the world—or to make it the last.”

What we have is a world faces multiple crises with most if not all of our world organisations out of date and in dire need of reform. ( See previous Posts.)

Conflict continues to rage in Syria, Iraq and beyond. The Ebola virus continues its deadly grip on West Africa. Threats such as drug trafficking, transnational crime and terrorism are growing in intensity and feeding off each other.

Today’s pre-eminent powers seem to have forgotten that they are elected by the people for the people not the Economy. They need to go back to Basics before we all forced to do business in a new way.

Climate change is the defining issue of our time. We can no longer afford to burn our way to prosperity and we cannot eradicate extreme poverty without fighting climate change. We must all act – as individuals, communities, businesses and governments – individually and together to transform our world. Lives of innocent people are being claimed in unacceptable numbers from Syria to Iraq, from Ukraine to the Central African Republic and South Sudan. Children are being drawn into conflict and kidnapped simply for wanting to learn to read and write.

There is no good in verbalizing these challenges we must surmount them, or together we will suffer the consequences of inaction. We need change in mindset from one of arguing over dividing the work, to one where we all do the maximum that we can, always asking, What more can we do.

The first concrete commitment of any Government be to ensure that any economy gains are inclusive of all its people not the Privatization of its peoples rights to clean water, to clean sustainable energy, to affordable health, education, and public transport. Not to manufacturing arms, bailing out Banks.

Multinational corporations search the globe for the lowest possible labor costs and weakest environmental safeguards. It is not unusual for them to get help from governments that compete in the global marketplace by refusing to protect their citizens from environmental degradation and workplace abuse—ranging from below-survival wages to physical attacks.

Take Immigration as an example.  View by the economy as useful only to grow the economy. A form of modern-day slavery labor that leads to social tensions, as you can see in Great Britain.

Global economy is the exchange of goods and services integrated into a huge single global market that ignores and is blind to the unheard voices.

Copernicus the father of modern-day Astronomy taught the Vatican that the center of the Universe was not earth. Pope Francis has just discovered that the Ten Commandants have to be voiced to be heard.

When you boil down all the valiant words they all fall on deaf ears, and will continue doing so till you and I learn to vote with our wallets, and demand change with our Smart phones.( see post;  what a 0.05% aid commission on all High frequency trading, Sovereign wealth funds and foreign exchange transactions could achieve.) We deserve to do more than just survive.

He did not mention the Hippocratic disease that is spreading throughout our world leaders. Sell arms with one hand and give aid with the other.

This Disease now seems to have spread to a world charity Save the Children how recently awarded Mr Blair a Legacy award.

The Iraq war, George W Bush and Tony Blair – est killed – 500,000. The Syria’s civil war more than doubled in the past year to at least 191,000.

They say that Sarcasm is the lowest for of wit. For such a well supported Charity that does excellent work you would think that with the sadness they see in the world they could pick some one deserving of a Legacy.

Here is a list of some well known people that perhaps they might consider giving a retrospective legacy award too >

Mao Ze Dong         –  killed – 49 – 78,000,000

Adolf Hitler           –  killed   12,000,000

Stalin                   –  killed   7,000,000

Lenin                    – killed       30,000

Pol Pot                  –  killed   1,700,000

IDI Amin                – killed        300,000

Castro                   – killed       30,000                   (All to depressing.)

Milosevic                – killed      100,000

Saddam Hussein   – killed       600,000

Mugaba                  – killed       20,000

Bin Laden               – killed         3,300

 If you want to get a grip of what humanity is have a look the below Videos.. which you might not have viewed. 

Marshallese poet Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner speaks on behalf of civil society during the opening ceremony of the UN Climate Leaders Summit in New York City. Check out this high-quality version of Kathy’s poem with footage of climate action around the world: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DJuRj…



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