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I run a Magazine Call Silent Witness to Modern day Slavery on Flip board.

I call it Silent Witness because Flipboard does no facilitate comment. In it I post articles and videos from the Internet covering a wide range of Slavery as there is no typical victim of slavery. Modern-day slavery affects men, women and children across the world..

( Have a look. Robert de Mayo Dillon@no1bobdillon.)

It has come to my notice that the biggest source of Slavery get little mention if at all.  Debt Slavery.

In the Oxford Dictionary the term Slave is defined as “a person who is the legal property of another and is forced to obey them” as in the case of the United States during the 18th and 19th centuries where slavery was a legalized institution. These the Dictionary now defines slavery as “a person who works very hard without proper remuneration or appreciation” as in today’s world of a person working for a company or corporation where their efforts are usually under appreciated.  It also describes a slave as “a person who is excessively dependent upon or controlled by something” or “a device, or part of one, directly controlled by another”.  DEBT.

An economy that is consumer based with credit is a disaster in the making because that debt only becomes unmanageable in the long run, especially when the people have no means to repay its debt obligations. Consumerism leads to moral decay with people becoming perpetual servants of mega corporations and international banks.. You saw what happened on Black Friday, it is a reminder of how people react when products they don’t really need are on sale.

Consumers suffer psychological abuse by its creditors.  As long as an individual remains in debt bondage, that person will have to repay that debt until the day that person literally dies in most cases. Imagine how they will react in times of economic despair.

How many people clear their House mortgage in their life time? Interest rates attached to the purchases made is the bond that ties you and the corporate interests or bankers for eternity. It becomes a “control mechanism” as the creditor becomes the “Slave Owner” and the debtor becomes the “Slave”.

When people become ingrained in consumption disregarding the debt they inherit, they become immune to the realities around them. 

We are all slave in one way or another and it would be reasonable to say that Debt is a choice which I would agree with. The Interest is not. My bone of contention is that the Interest should stop once the Capital sum is repaid. If your house goes down in value your mortgage and interest payments don’t. Would you not think it reasonable the cost of one a Toll road or Bridge has being repaid it should transfer to public ownership

Anyway Modern day slavery is flourishing with 20.9 million people worldwide victims of forced labor. 4.5 million of these are victims of forced sexual exploitation, while 14.2 million are victims of forced labor exploitation. The remaining 2.2 million are in state-imposed forms of forced labor.

Celebrities’ personal lives still dominate headlines in the main stream media.  The ‘War on Terror’ has taken away civil liberties and the ‘War on Drugs’ has increased the prison population.  High-crime rates in major cities remain problematic. With the rollout of 7000 drones in 2015, endless wars, a looming economic collapse, and endless Pharmaceutical commercials that keep people heavily drugged are serious problems for the world public.

Human trafficking is the fastest growing form of international crime.

Every 30 seconds, a human being is sold for an average price of $90. The profits generated from human trafficking are estimated to be $32 billion every year. 

The legal confusion between a job with appalling conditions and criminal exploitation means it can be difficult to identify and prosecute 21st-century slave traders and people traffickers.

In a world driven by profit there is little hope of changing the above till we start using our wallets to force change. One day of boycotting any company that does not pay its employees a living wage would soon make that company sit up and pay attention.

You might think slavery does not touch your life but mark my words Fresh water, Clear Air, and demishing natural resources are being privistised as we speak by Sovereign Wealth Funds, and all knowledge is being stored by Google. Both will ensure Slavery in all its forms.

When the necessities such as food and shelter become scarce the people will begin to panic and lose control over their own lives reality will sink in.

Millions of people are in forced labour around the world.