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Not my usual subject matter but I could not resist imagining a world where every appliance starts talking.

Your man Jason Silva on You tube inspired this post by god wobbling on about the next big revolution of technology. Is he Bonkers.

The Concept of Everyday object aging and giving us feed back from their own consciousness he says ” promises to blur the distinction between self and world.” ” The entire World will have mind in it ”

He is right to suggests that it rattles his imagination.

He should stop waffling and pontificating utter dribble on the subject.  If he thinks humans need a link to tools to explore the Universe he has lost the capacity for long range imagination.

Man can barley communicate with each other never mind the internet of thing. It time he addressed the real world problems.

Have a look http://youtu.be/wL34vk-On3o

Anyway lets looks.

Lying in the vast Promised Land between connected things that are obviously useful and things that are uselessly awful, are connected appliances. Yes. Appliances. That connect to the Internet.

This night mare is not in the so distant future.

So lets imagine a sentient refrigerator that automatically inventories items as you load it, knowing not only what the item is but everything about it, such as when it expires or what it could be used for.

Start pulling out eggs and flour and chocolate chips and the home prompts you with a chocolate chip cookie recipe and tells the oven to pre-heat itself. (That’s right, oven. You listen up when ‘fridge is talkin’!) And, since we’re in the future, the recipe will display on the counter from an overhead projector.

You’d never misplace anything again, because your clothes will have RFID tags and the home will know exactly where your missing sock went. Of course, it won’t tell you, because your wife figured out how to program it and is screwing with you.

On the surface, you might scoff at the idea of a smart refrigerator. “Why do I need a machine to tell me that my milk has gone bad?! And maybe I like day old milk. Did the ‘smart fridge’ ever think of that?! The lumps are where the flavor lives! Not so smart now, are you fridge?!”

Web browsing and integrates with Google calendar, allowing the family to keep their schedules in sync. You can use the screen to keep tabs on items you need at the store, so you won’t forget that you drank that last of your Beer and desperately need more. You can also input items into the screen, letting the fridge know your food inventory. In turn, it can suggest recipes, generate supermarket coupons and notify you when something is about to spoil.

You can then use your smart phone to increase ice production prior to that big party, ensuring you avoid the humiliating “What do you mean no ice for my scotch?!”  The modules can also put the system into energy-saving mode during vacations or notify you of any service issues. Also, you can get an email informing you that a door has been left open, which is helpful if you’re still home but will fill you with dread all day long if you’re already at work. If you’re so smart, fridge, shut the damn door yourself!

As technology advances, the ability for the fridge to automatically know the food you have on hand – either via RFID or maybe just scanning your receipt – could be incredibly helpful; it might even find an answer to the eternal question of, “What can I make with four carrots, a jar of mayo, two tins of ketchup, something that is possibly with an onion and six cases of beer?” Also, the fridge could become like a personal diet coach, shaming you with stern texts as you go for that midnight ice cream or just locking you out altogether.

Isn’t the future amazing, and you wonder what Google ambitions are.

Do you really need a smart appliance? Probably not.

Do you think that’s going to keep appliance manufacturers from bringing more and more of them to market in the coming years? Of course not! This tech is on the horizon, whether we want it or not, so you may as well get ready for it. At the very least, it might make your daily chores a little less soul destroying.

If nothing else just think of all the fun that the Anonymous hackers can have!

O! and by the way that is only the fridge wait till everything starts communication with everything else.