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The expression, not a hope in hell comes to mind when you consider the likelihood of human beings working together. Human beings are deeply divided by nationality, and sectarian belief and the environmental crises.

Most Societies that have perished have done so through neglect and self delusion; they have failed to rise to the challenges they faced.

It is much more difficult to understand human history than to understand problems in the field of science. But do we see the historical of human societies shaping the modern world?


Instead the great majority of us are passive robots helplessly programmed by  the Media, must have advertising, short-term memory, and the capitalist mantra I am all right Jack.


If we were serious about caring for the world, about people living in the misery of poverty, now and about future generations we should be mobilizing resources to develop sustainable technologies with the single mind determination seen when countries prepare for war.

So riddle me this; While it is with you, it is with me. It flies without wings.

While it flies, our out of date World Organisations struggling to function in a quagmire of power struggles all disguised by the cloaked language of Foreign Policies.

While our Capitalistic Societies is encouraged to consume 24/7 in order to drive our economies of the sake of vast profit made by computer algorithms.

While our real values are being privatized by Sovereignty Wealth Funds.

While mass immigration will be the result of ignoring Climate change.

While population growth is unstoppable.

While inequality is leading to conflicts.

While the effects of antibiotics are becoming diluted.

While Social media is distorting the truth.

While extinction of animal life accelerates.

While we spend trillions on space exploration.

While we watch our finite resources diminish.

While we all see are the pictures of the world below,


Is it not time to do something before Inequity and Greed the two elements that contribute the most to the Worlds problems, destroy us all long before Climate Change.  We can talk till the cows come home, but all our Political ideologies will fail till the distribution of wealth gains traction, which can only be achieved by Capping Greed.

Conventional wisdom’s seldom collapse on their own. They collapse only when challenged, only when advocates for change trust forward initiatives that expose the bankruptcy of the conventionally wise.

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Feel free to add to the while lists, perhaps someone in a while might read it before time runs out.