An Observation:

The BARBARIC ACT OF ISIS terrorism is rightly standing at the forefront of national and international agendas.

We all know that terrorism has taking on many forms, covering a wide variety of groups and motivations making it especially difficult to define, or defeat.

It has led to a revolution in WAR.

Because life and death decisions are becoming more and more robotic.

The 5000 years of men fighting Wars is coming to an end and is causing wrinkles in the Geneva Convention Laws of WAR AND WAR CRIMES.

You don’t have to convince a Robotic or a drone or ID that there are 72 virgins awaiting in heave. You can build one in the morning put it on a web site and some lunatic sitting at home can remotely detonate from his armchair., without any declaration of war.

This Robotic Unmanned Slaughter is presenting a new human dilemma because it is imparting a message of Cowardliness, which I am sure is the very reason that we see ISIS waving their black flags, Saying come and fight us on the ground.

The disconnectedness of engagement is leading to what I call WAR PORN on U tube. Videos for entertainment set to music that are reshaping the public views on war.

The Future of war is not going to set by the USA.

The how and who we are fighting and with what is it going to be the future force that determine’s Wars. It will be a bloke who controls remotely the more powerful killing machines and then goes home after a 12 hour shift for his dinner, turns on the Telly to view the results of his joy stick.

A Drone see 0000, or  1111 whether it’s a eight year old granny holding a child or a tank. If it makes a mistake in identity.  The product can be recalled and modified, with the unmanned killing put down to a software glitch.

The Drive to destroy, to create, and build more and more inventive machines to participate in Watch wars requires the rules of engagement to be updated. Now.

The consequences of not doing so could be dramatic considering that nearly everyone agrees on the abhorrent moral character of terrorism,while simultaneously disagreeing on how to define and identify it

Because these drones and robotic leave a  perceptual effects that may occur largely unconsciously, a wide range of people may end up associating American enemies with terrorism, even if the factual basis for this connection is quite tenuous.

The following words were used to project terrorism as verminous:

1. Attack
2. Kill
3. Enemy
4. Danger
5. Tragedy

Should we be adding Unmanned Killing and Guantanamo Bay.

We read and hear daily a Global war on terror.  Is this terminology, mis-characterizing the nature of the War?

You might say if you are killed by a charging elephant or robotic drone it makes little difference you dead, AND YOU WOULD BE RIGHT DEAD IS DEAD.

So is there need for the Geneva Convention to take a look at the use of Weapons and Robotic programmers which have become highly securitized and politicized as a weapon for the realization of the goals of war on terror after 9/11.


It seems to me incredibly stupid that human mankind that has the ability to build an International space station, a marvel of human collective engineering, of knowledge passed down from the first carved flint arrow-head to the written word is so bent on self-destruction.


The answer is staring us all in the face. If you have anything there is nothing to lose.

Inequality is the source of most of to days worlds woes.