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A thought!

It has being a summer of bad news.

Geopolitical turmoil, Carbon spewing into the atmosphere, Ebola spreading, Global warming, Species and Forests disappearing, Ice melting, Inequality rampant, while Sovereign Wealth Funds privatize the world resources for profit.

All of this pales in comparison to what could be inflicted by high-tech nightmares that are awaiting in the long grass.

Bio-engineered pandemic, nanotechnology or Nano biotechnology gone haywire, AI run amok all could kill far quicker than ISIS or Capitalism.

Accidental self-destruction by any of the above is more than possible.

When you realize that there are people out there experimenting in their garden sheds. Recently Professor Yoshihiro Kawaoka of the university of Wisconsin engineered a strain of the deadly virus Swine flu than could evade the immune system. At least he did it in a proper Laboratory.

Nanotech is endeavoring to engineer microscopic factories of self-replicating bots with the power to make anything out of common materials.

If this was to happen we could have omnivorous bacteria that would wipe out real bacteria that could spread like pollen reducing the biosphere to dust.

AI on the other had if we get it right could be the best thing to happen in the universe, but get it wrong we wont be colonizing anywhere.

At the moment we spend more on lipstick than making sure our species survives.

Maybe its time we created another one of those useless World organisations to monitor emerging technology just in case it comes back to bit us all.