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I recently posted a few posts under the banners,

” For Crying out loud are we all sleeping walking,”

“Where does hate come from.”?

“What are our Values.”?

I am no politician, and I am sure if I were either Israeli or Palestinian at the moment I would want to Kill Kill. First three Jewish young people kidnapped and slain, then an Arab youth burned alive in revenge.

The present outbreak of conflict like all the others is heading to a dead-end.

It is obvious that the peace process to resolve the Israel and Palestine conflicts is dead and will remain so while death and suffering prevails.

It’s time to start thinking outside the Zionist box, and the Muslim halo and look for solutions that secure the human rights and equality of all involved, and not simply the political demands of the stronger party.

The first step is recognizing that we have a “one-state problem” is the key to peace.

The two state solution is a fantasy because the two-state solution is dead.

The solution is not to establish another ethnic state but to disestablish the ones that exist now.

Israel, as well as states that are just for Muslims or any other ethnic group, must cease to exist as states based on apartheid and ethnic domination.

It is time to stop grieving and find an alternative that allows all to live in freedom and dignity in the land of their forefathers.

Israel and Palestine must be replaced by a secular democracy with equal rights for all, regardless of their ethnic background, and with equal tolerance for all religions, with a written charter of human rights.

There’s no reason why Israel and Palestine shouldn’t be able to offer citizenship to their respective diasporas.

Every year, resolutions addressing the Arab-Israeli conflict are tabled in the United Nations, such as at the United Nations General Assembly and the Human Rights Council.  The meanings attributed by Israel to ‘‘self-defense’’ or ‘‘proportionate’’ are increasingly exposed as questionable or false while the international community is divided between those who are in denial and those who are torturing the corpse.

The one-state solution is an old idea that was often found morally attractive but remains to date politically unfeasible.

Perhaps I am dreaming  to envisage the above becoming feasible, but what a role model it would be for the rest of the Arab World.

If Israel learned anything from the Holocaust surely it is that survival comes at a cost.

From what I understand Judaism focuses on relationships:

However it is creating a relationship that is isolating it as a people hiding behind walls that will crumble in time.

Although Jews have certainly considered the nature of God, man, the universe, life and the afterlife at great length there is no mandated, official, definitive belief on these subjects, outside of the very general concepts.

The relationship between God and mankind, between God and the Jewish people, between the Jewish people and the land of Israel, and between human beings: some say they are absolute, unchanging laws from God (Orthodox);

Some say they are laws from God that change and evolve over time (Conservative);

Some say that they are guidelines that you can choose whether or not to follow (Reform, Reform, Reconstructionist )

I say a religion that is not all-encompassing, that does values every life is a religion not worth living.

Because Judaism is more concerned about actions than beliefs here is substantial room for personal opinion on all of these matters, but the future holds no opinions. It is only tarnished by the opinions of the dead.  May they rest in Peace.