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We have been around for 106 billion years and by 2050 there will be 9.2 billion of us.

Over the last Century, our world has experienced at times a ” wonderful age” with promises of peace and prosperity, but then some imposing forces changed the entire Landscape.

The current world disorder results in part from ignorance about civilizations – awareness or selective memory of the past, and lack of perspective for the future, and also from the economic misery, combined with political injustices ( domestic and /or International) experienced by the have-nots.

Globalization cannot be a practical concept if there are clashes of civilization.

What have we achieved.? What went Wrong then?

I won’t be the first to ask these questions and you can rest assured nor will i be the last. The future Generations will be asking the very same questions.

However let’s try to answer:  Why we are getting it so wrong?

The most important distinctions among people are not, Ideological, Political, or Economic, they are Cultural.

People still define themselves in terms of Ancestry, Religion, Language, History, Values, Customs and Institutions, and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

We don’t have to look far to see the reasons why –

Great Powers were hunger to conquer lands and resources, to get control over raw materials, markets, and strategic positioning in the world, these were the driving forces that divided the world into eight major civilizations;

Western, Orthodox, Chines, Japanese, Muslim, Hindu, Latin American, and Africa.

Any Joe Soaps who was out side of these groups could only acquire a Western level of advancement by learning to think like Westerners and not forgetting the missionaries who defined civilization as a combination of Western Religion and Science.

Then came the Power gained by Industrialized nations gave them a thirst for the right to rule, and in some cases to oppress those who did not have power.

What happened next is that this lot formed Alliances while Europe was experiencing Nationalism causing the First World War, the rest is History.

So we arrive to to-day.

If you look around, the analogy above may be telling of the dynamics of our present World.

So what cased the present day disorder?

My answer is all of the above and September 11th 2001.

WHY September the 11th?

Because throughout the history of the USA, (a melting pot of cultures) the ruling force over world markets, the world military status, created the Axis of Evil without looking at the real sources that kindled terrorism –



You cannot have over 3 billion people living on $2 dollars a day with another 1.3 billion living on less than a dollar with no access to clean water. This difference by a factor of over 100 or so between the have and have-nots ultimately creates for the lack of a better word Dissatisfaction, which lead to violence , racial and ethic conflict the Arab spring the current Israel /Palestinian conflict.

So you might think that Globalization in principle is a hopeful ideal, but in its present form it is tailored to the strong serving a fraction of the World’s population. To get through the gates of Globalization one has to acquire computer and internet literacy, accessibility to sources of knowledge and information etc ect.

It is clear that the world order requires a new and comprehensive partnership between the developed world and the developing world.

Our environment is not ourselves. We must invest more in education, in science and technology but at the same time we must lower the bureaucratic political barriers.

If we are to stop wars we must redistribute wealth more evenly.

We live in a world where spending never stops. Trading on fear is the biggest seller of all and it is at the very heart of why we buy. Fear the primal Instinct.

There will be on Economy without the Environment, No anything.

We cannot continue moving forward in a form of  Human Lemming.

We the people of the Earth must demand that our out of date World Organisation The United Nations for once in its existence  passes a People’s Resolution to benefit all of us how live on this Planet now and in the future.

It will go a long way to resolving the Inequalities before its to late.  ( See previous Posts)

The people of the planet earth wish to table the following people s resolution to be adopted.  

” The Introduction of a World Aid Commission of 0.05% to be placed on all World stock Exchanges covering all Foreign Exchange Transactions over $ 20,0000, all High Frequency Trading and all Acquisitions by Sovereign Wealth Funds.