I found this map posted on the Geospatial World website, reproduced below,  it shows those ares of the planet that have faced significant drought since 1981.

The question is what are we doing about it?

We that is us humans are of course fighting to see who is going to own it.

When in fact the whole lot will be owned by Sovereignty Wealth Funds long before any wars/ conflicts have ended.

However don’t despair.  Whether we are on the threshold of a Golden Age or on the brink of a global catastrophe that will extinguish our civilization is, I believe, not only unknowable, but also undecided.

In the mean time our Politicians often can’t see past the next election. Many business leaders seem focused only on the next quarter. The media spends most of its time on trivia.

Meanwhile, long-term problems and opportunities are ignored.

We can do nothing to change the past, but we have enormous power to shape the future.

Of course, we feel abysmally ignorant of how to proceed, but as we join together, forming networks of human concern about the future, I believe we will find the strength and wisdom needed to create a better future world.

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” Foresight is the key to survival in a world of disruptive innovation.

To be efficient and effective in today’s complex, interlinked and fast-changing environment,governments need to redesign their structures and processes to capitalize on a new set of actors and tools.

One way or the other just in case we all awash in sea water with ever-growing amounts of useless data we had best have some global survival action plans ready.

The future is indeed priceless.

It will be filled with digital implants, mind controlled exoskeleton upgrades, age reversal pills, hyper-intelligence brain implants and bionic muscle upgrades all of which are destructive enough to lay waste to global commerce, electrical grids, and civic order around the world.

If they ever did come to pass. All of these technologies will literally make us more Trans-human.

In the near future, smart phones will fade into digital history as the high-resolution smart contact lens and corresponding in-ear audio plugs communicate with our wearable computers or “smart suits.”

The “cloud” will become more intelligent, not just a place to store data.  

Cloud intelligence will evolve into becoming an active resource in our daily lives, providing analysis and contextual advice. All information will be instantaneously available in the augmented visual future.

So once again I ask the question what are we to do in our present world, where distribution of wealth is skewed. Where only 20% of the population enjoy the benefit of life in the developed world. Where the gap between the haves and have-not’s continues to in-crease.  Were Globalization continues to be better tailored to the prospects of the able and the strong, and, although of value to human competition and progress, it serves only that fraction of the world that has revolutionary advances in technology and Capital.

Right now we have a world at the beginning of the 21~~ century divided, not only politically but also between hope and hopelessness.

It’s no wonder in a world seeking prosperity through globalization and revolution that the world’s population who are able to exploit the market and the available re-sources are turning to Sovereignty Wealth Funds SWFs

These are the source of the questions we will have to face in a very complex future.

Are we all going to stand by while the privatization of every think we value is plundered for the sake of profit.

To shape our future in we need to develop a new perspective – one encompassing the economic, political, religious, and cultural dimensions of world affairs.

This can only be done if we place a value on all that is precious to life itself.

We might be able to create our own reality with clusters of information cults. But they if you are lucky enough to be in one of these groups they can only see certain augmented information realities.

Across the globe, religion remains an influential force, one that impacts how we view ourselves, each other, and the world around us.  But all the prayers in the world  will not provide fresh drinking water, clear unpolluted air, energy, food. health, education, and peace. They will not invent new antibiotics, stop mass immigration, or win the lotto.

Nor will they stop by 2050, the scale of extinctions of ocean-dwelling plants and animals that may equal the five great global extinctions of the past 600 million years.

There is only one Solution. We must make greed contribute to all of us.

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The Vanishing Beauty of our Fragile Planet can being seen at ( Robert de Mayo Dillon @ no1bob dillon)