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We are all living in an age where the word Sustainability more typically lends itself to corporate behaviour.

The question is whether civilization ( what ever civilization mean these days) can continue on its current path without undermining prospects for future well-being.

Can humanity alter current behaviors that are leading to self destruction.

The North America’s Iroguis had a proverb ” We have not inherited the earth from our fathers,we are borrowing it from our children.

So what’s going on? and can it keep going on in this way, on this scale, at this pace.

It will almost certainly take more cooperation and more sharing that we can imagine in a world driven by competition and individual accumulation of wealth.

Societies are unlikely to enact policies and programs that favor the future, at the expense of people living in the present, especially the poorer among us.  We have little choice but to give priority to the needs of human beings alive today.

On the other hand we classify ourselves as a Smart and adaptive species which might explain why so many important economic and environmental trends seem headed in conflicting and even opposite directions. 

To help with measurement, we should look without blinking at what is unsustainable—at practices and patterns that,  if we don’t stop them, will stop us.
The rarely voiced reality of environmental unsustainability is that we may have not just less prosperous and comfortable lives in the future but shorter and fewer lives altogether.
If it proves too challenging to feed the projected 2050 world population of more than 9 billion people, for example, it is quite possible we will not have to—for the worst of reasons.
The same can be said of “business-as-usual” greenhouse gas emission scenarios: by the time global thermometers register a hike of 4 degrees Celsius, business-as-usual will have ended a long time ago.
So to answer the Question.  It is my belief that we are all incapable of Sustainability, due to Greed.
The only way is to harness greed into contributing by Placing a World Aid Tax or commission on all Stock Exchange transactions world-wide.
This will creating a sustainable fund to distribute wealth to tackle the present day unsustainable inequalities in the world.