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Thirty years from now the pressure on the planet’s resources will start to warning us all once again as to how fragile and impermanent our advanced civilization really is.


Because the ecological carrying capacity will be vastly DIMINISHED. The Have and the Have not’s will be on the verge of an revolution.

You don’t believe me ?  Well open your eyes and you will see that the current high levels of economic stratification are linked to the overconsumption of Resources.

You might think or say that Technological change can raise the efficiency of resources use. But it also raises both per capita resource consumption, and the scale of resource extraction. Just look at Agriculture and Industry over the past two centuries. Productivity increases in both has come from “Increased (rather the decreased) resource throughput,” despite dramatic efficiency gains, over the same period.

The Have’s who are based largely in Industrialised countries are controlled by an Elite that is paying less and less to the great unwashed who produce the wealth. ( (Called the minimum wage or living wage both of which are just above subsistence levels.)

The Haves are consuming too much in A disposable Societies, and will cause a famine among the have nots that will eventually cause the collapse of the world society. An Inequality – induced Famine that causes a loss of workers, rather than a collapse of Nature.

Of course we are told that this is not possible by the Elite, wealthy Monopolies who will be buffered from the most ‘ detrimental effects of the Environmental collapse, until to late. For them it is business as usual : just like the Roman Empire, Han, Mayan, Mauryan, Gupta Empires, not to mention the Mesopotamian Empires.

What is to be done?

We must reduce Economic inequality, so as to ensure fairer distribution of resources. To recognise that ” Business as usual” cannot be sustained. A convergence of food, water and energy crises will create the ” Perfect Storm”

Of course there are lots and lots of other problems like the growing global thirst for energy threatens water supplies. The change in population, Climate change, to mention just a few.  Any one never mind one combining with another will be a total disaster.

But the Haves have a vested interest in sustaining the current model – however doomed, for long as possible, regardless of the eventual negative outcome.

There is only one solution and that is to tap into Greed.

( see my post: A Tax at a very low rate- for example, a 0.007 percent tax/commission on all world stock transactions and stock options.)