It would seem from the silent reactions to my recent postings that you are getting bored.

So a change of tack is in order.

Instead of reading my ranting that we will all be asked at the gates of heaven ( if a heaven exists) why did we stand by idle when it was within your power to eradicate poverty. I invite you to listen to my long-lost friend Bono pontificate on the TED WHY IT IS POSSIBLE TO BANISH IT FROM THE GLOBE BY 2015.(www.ten.com)

Through his wealth and fame not his poverty he has ASPIRED to influence the powerfully to give not to receive giving him a purpose to his LIFE. I know what he says comes from his heart because way back he and his wife Ali after the Chernobyl disaster brought CHILDREN to Ireland for a holiday for free.

Like me he believes that we can no longer pretend that the creation of wealth for a few will inevitably benefit the many.

The cost of Poverty is not only unethical, it’s also economically inefficient, politically corrosive, socially divisive and environmentally destructive.

Unlike me even if we are moving in the right direction, he has no concert solution. There is no doubt as he points out we are moving in the right direction. POVERTY has fallen faster in the last 50 years than the last 500.

Bono and I quote from his Ted talk says ” we can trace it source back to three thousand years ago.”

We can look back to 13.2 billion years through the Hubble Telescope but we are unable to look into the future by one mille second. Why do I point this out. Because greed is at the very beginning and will be at the very end. The only way to make a difference to the present is to capture greed.

In his talk he refers to the power of facts, stating that he is now one of the facttiveness and believes that the Facebook, the Twitter, the Social Media, will change the world through transparency. I agreed. But we all must speak with one Voice to have any effect.

So my long-lost friend the co-founder of Data, Red, Edon, join me. Read my blog (bobdillon33blog.wordpress.com) or drop by for a glass of wine Sir.