Humanity’s only home planet is under attack with the shadows of forgotten Ancestors disappearing into Cyber Space.

Never forget the World is yours. ( Terms and conditions apply)

Nothing speaks more vividly than the relents march of world poverty.

We modern humans have being of Earth less of Earth 0’0001% of Earth history.

It’s an unnerving thought that we may be the living Universe’s supreme achievement and its worst night-mare simultaneously.

It’s time to get off the substitutes bench.

World Poverty is now used as a product to fund an ever-increasing industry that is serving its very existence.

There is no solution without funds, and the greatest source of funds is Greed, Profit for Profit sake.

The World Bank has tried and failed to date.
The IMF has tried and failed?
Fair Trade has tried and failed.
Grandiose United Nation Charters have tried and failed.

The mantra of our world leaders is that ” The Economy must continue to grow” while 21 Children die from preventable causes each minute. Fifteen million a year Ref: library.thinkquest.org

There are no valid reasons that we should tolerate or accept one death so that our Economies can grow.

There are no poor with Investment Portfolios, but there are however many Portfolios with poor. There is only one solution Greed must be made work to eradicate poverty – see previous postings,and Silent Witness to world poverty on Flipboard.