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Of course as with any country there is a clatter of explanations.

The tragedy truth lies in England’s history.  Vanity and greed are, as ever, the roots of self-deceit, that become hubris, which meets nemesis, that has now developed into a class system that for all intended purposes owns the country.

The British title and its order of precedence is the most baffling, yet simple concept on the planet.

Children of nobility and those who wished to become a part of it had the following concepts drilled into their heads from birth , with the death of Queen Elizabeth II people are not only just paying their respect to her life of duty but acknowledging the fact that the system is still in power with Charles the III becoming King.

A system  of Knights, Lords, Viscounts, Dukes, Marquess, Earls, Duchess, Barons, (Life Peerages created by the Queen) dates back to the 11th Century and the Anglo-Saxons.

Of course the following nine days of symbolism, pomp and media verbal (in a modern world) could be look at as the height of Hippocratic power.

Anyone who is neither a peer nor the monarch is a commoner serf.

The office of King’s Champion.  The Dymoke family of Scrivelsby, Lincolnshire have continued to hold the office up to the present day. But I doubt that we will see him excising his duty of riding into Westminster, on a white charger, fully clad in armour, into Westminster Hall during the first coronation banquet.

The bitter, brutal reality of England is Brexit.  It’s making Britain a third world country.

The problem is that Brexit is made of lies, and everyone, more or less, backed them.

By the way, as someone from one, I use the words “third world country” mildly ironically.

Nobody likes to be called a “third world country,” of course the difference is, those poor nations didn’t do it to themselves.

Brexit is now being memory-holed:

” These aren’t the consequences of Brexit, it’s a good thing, a windfall which will surely land in our pockets any day now, and make us all rich.”

Brexit did something amazing, spectacular, remarkable — something we have genuinely not seen as a world since the days of the Weimar Republic. It pushed a society into sudden, rapid, endemic poverty. What is it called when every household in a society can’t get essentials and basics?  Poverty.

Economists marvel at Brexit because there are almost no other examples of such rapid, sudden social collapses that exist at all.

It’s all playing out exactly like it was always going to, like anyone sane predicted.

Now with the demise of the Queen Elizabeth II there’s almost no discussion on the truth of the matter.

It is totally forbidden in modern-day Britain to connect the following dots:

Britain broke up unilaterally with its largest trading partner and oldest and biggest friend, it did so in a hard way, choosing a path that would lead to sure ruin, in order to spite Europe, not out of any degree of wisdom, and the consequences of all that — nationalism, spite, selfishness — would be absolutely and utterly ruinous.

So why do Brits believe this lie?

Let’s back up a step. Why are they even being told this lie?

The problem as I have said is that Brexit is made of lies, and everyone, more or less, backed them. And now those in power — papers, pundits, even erstwhile “opposition” figures — have no real choice but to go on repeating the lies. Into oblivion. It’s either that, or eat crow.

Brexit, an idea so colossally stupid it ranks up there with climate change denial.

A society is now engaging in doublespeak, which most of the whole world finds ridiculous:

Imperial granger representing an empire that has long gone.

As Orwell warned us, this is a perfect way to control a society, to lull it into submission.

And that is what is happening in Britain.

The biggest lie of Brexit was the one underlying all these.  The Conserve Boris lie. 

That Brexit was going to “level up” Britain. To what, some asked? To where? There was never any answer given. It was just some spin, PR, hype, a lie. “Levelling up” just meant being number one, on top, supreme — it carried echoes of empire. Britannia Uber Alles.

You would have thought that the World Wars should have taught Britain that we really are all better off together, than as nations red in tooth and claw, set against one another.

Because the truth is too hard to face.

The truth that all this was a stupid, stupid mistake. Who can own up to that? Who can face it? Nobody. And so the only road left is down, down, into the abyss — even as it’s painted as a glorious ascent up into the sunlight.

That’s exactly — exactly — what Brexit is now.

It is the ritualised telling of a lie, even as Britain becomes a literal third world country.

Tomorrow, it’s going to be energy, medicine, the heating going off in winter, hospitals and factories shut down. The day after that, it’s going to be an epic depression, which will last, well, forever, because that is what getting permanently poorer means.

Brexit did this to us.

It made us a third world country. Look at us. We haven’t “levelled up.” We’ve levelled down. Way, way down. To third world country levels. Where people can’t get basics. We couldn’t ever have levelled up, really — because we were already at the top. How foolish not to see it. How greedy and selfish.


There is however also a second reason why people to day cant see the long-term consequences and it is this reason that lies a the foot of all our troubles. 

Humans in the cosmology of the universe have no particular significance.

This reinforces our collective irresponsibility, because if we are of no significance, how much of a problem can our actions really be?

Some of us embrace time- myopia for religious reasons, because they think ” the end” is coming soon. Some do it for financial reasons, because the bottom line is their standard. Some do it in pursuit of power, because nothing matter beyond the next election.

But most people simply don’t know yet how to think any other way.

We try as cultures to ground ourselves in each other, rather than in the earth and the Universe.

We might as well try to stand still in a riptide.

We need to ground ourselves in something real that is greater than we are.

If we want to survive we must factor such truths into our politics, plans, and actions.

We know that Charles III has taken oaths that as king not to upset the apple tart, but the reality of Climate change and the direction of the world requires his and every voice to be heard now not tomorrow.

So if he wants not to be silent he has at his disposal one item that is presently in dry dock – HMS Brittana.

It’s resurrection as a sea worthy vessel would allow a modern King (that believes in the earth, its beauty, its lifegiving resources, its fragility ecosystem , its place in the universe)  like Charles III

spread the word of his concerns and action, much better and at a far lower cost than Mrs Trust. 

It could be as it was in his mother time a platform of peace and trade.

Britannia rules the waves. 

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