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Dear Cop26 Delegate,

As you know the sheer importance of what is happing at the end of this inflationary period on Earth is going to define all of our futures.

Whether the forthcoming COP26 Summit results are brilliant or terrible if we are not found in harmony with the earth, is likely to make our age, a mythic one, to our distant or future descendants.

Our distant and future ancestors are what everyone on earth shares.

From this perspective.

No human goal today is more pressing than the search for sustainable prosperity.

But it must encompass all other purposes, including peace, justice, health, science, economic development, spiritual pursuits.  Without them, all others will prove transient and illusory.

You will be attending a sobering up BY CLIMATE CHANGE SUMMIT that will hopefully show the scale of our problems and produce Actions that all in sundry can participate in.

You as a delegate must develop imagery that will bridge the incomprehensible gap between the forces of nature responsible for the very existence.

We are living today at a turning point for our species.

We can all be drowning in yelling about our differences, trying to control matters by fiat, or we can close our mouths and listen and try to follow some common sense.

This is a very special time that will never come again.

This summit is not the place, to blow your own trumpet, make worthless promises, but rather to agree on transparent actions on a global scale.

We all know that we need energy. 

We all know that the production of energy must go green. Not in twenty years, not in ten years but right now.

So why not agree to the following.

Government non-repayable grants.

Enable every home to install solar panels and insulation.

We only have one Earth.

Yours Faithfully

The Beady Eye.