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When the world is dominated by emerging technologies and data power what is the point of old powerhouses polluting countries meeting, other than navel-gazing?

The obsession with nation-states does not fit the reality of today’s highly-clustered knowledge economy, centered in and around global monopolies AI Tech companies.

With access to IT not equitably distributed around the globe Technology (IT) has become ubiquitous and is changing every aspect of how people live their lives.

What should happen? 

It should announce what sort of Co2 cuts are required to stop global temperatures from rising.

It should announce an increase in global aid to poor countries. 

It should announce the global distribution targets of the Covid vaccination.

This is what will happen because it’s an obsolete Institution.

The meeting will show that it has little to do with achieving green economies, or distributing the covid vaccinations global and more to do with raising revenue by way of tax on large multinationals such as Google, Amazon, and Facebook.

The G7 has been there before.

Unable to secure any competitive advantages they will wring their hands but do nothing,  before they hotfoot it back to the Airport tested or not.

At the end of the meeting, we will see the usual group photo.  

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