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I am no scientist but it stands to reason if the magnetic north is moving the earth is rotating differently than in the previous hundredths of years.

As a result as with any spherical shape that rotates, it is exposing a slightly different surface, either for longer or shorter to any light shining on it such as the Sun causing a difference in temperature to the exposed portion of the sphere.  

What is causing the magnetic north to shift? 

Whatever is causing it the weight distribution on the earth has to be contributing.   

Human-made materials are now equal weight to all life on Earth.

The mass of everything people have built and made, from concrete pavements and glass-and-metal skyscrapers to plastic bottles, clothes, and computers, is now roughly equal to the mass of living things on Earth and could surpass that this year, according to research published today in Nature.

The Earth weight: 5,972,000,000,000,000,000,000 Metric Tons.


Every year we use a massive 4.3 trillion cubic meters of freshwater = 4,260,000,000,000 m3 / tons.

Concrete. After water the single most widely used material globally. It outweighs the combined mass of all living plants. China production of 2 billion tons alone is predicted to reach
four times the 1990 level.  2 billion
tonne quantities per year, by 2050,
concrete use 

Plastic.          –   8.3 billion tons

The world produces a million plastic bottles a minute – many for water. That’s 500 billion in a year!

Asphalt.         –       30% of the world is Land of which 2% is urban which is covered let’s say to the extent of 10%. Therefore 30%x2%x10% = 0.06% of the world covered in Asphalt. 

Sand.             –    15 billion tonnes.

Crude Oil.      –      Nearly 100 million barrels per day. The average barrel of domestic crude oil weighs 302.82 pounds. You do the maths this time. 

 The mass of earth’s life is about 1.1 trillion metric tons.  

In 2016, a team of scientists estimated the weight of the “technosphere”—including not just wholly artificial buildings and products, but also the approximate weight of the land and seafloor that we’ve excavated, modified, or trawled to build cities, plant crops, raise livestock, and catch fish.

They came up with a figure of 30 trillion tons.

Now add, for example, ( The World Steel Association estimates that for every ton of steel we produce) almost two tons of CO2 are added to the atmosphere.

Then add on all the rest of Cardon produced and the amount the whole human race emits every year is 35 billion roughly.

It is no wonder the magnet north has shifted.

To finish I invite any environmental to tell me that I am wrong.  

All human comments appreciated. All like clicks and abuse chucked in the bin.