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I am sure that after the recent local election in England combined with the pandemic and the aftermath of Brexit that the Labour Party is getting advice from all quarters. 

The Labour party is in need of new visions for the country so here are a few things it c could and should do to regain power. 

What matters is what they stand for. Rebranding is futile.

Progressive politics rarely ever win at the polls.  These days with social media you have to be seen to be doing something by giving something.   

Realizing that making the rich poorer will not make the poor richer.

Raising taxes is no longer the answer to everything.

Britain is a nation of immigrants proven by the Covid pandemic. 

The idea that public services and job creation is out of date.  

It must put forward attractive policies that the whole nation can see will make the whole nation better off. 

The living wage doesn’t fool anyone in a food bank queue. 

To be the party of the working class founded almost 120 years ago will require a few big symbolic policy changes. 

Free Education for all including University.

In the economy of the future where knowledge is the most valuable commodity, a person or a country will have to offer more than just money.

The Pandemic has left us with our whole system of living that requires radical structural change away from profit to beneficial sustainability. 

This change requires giving the means to Humans to live their lives with dignity while protecting what is left of our planet.

There are other, more ethical ways to provide social services.

At the moment we have sales taxes, gasoline taxes, poll taxes, food taxes (yes, they tax what you need to survive), sin taxes (cigarettes, alcohol, gambling), “fat taxes” (taxes on unhealthy foods), housing taxes, Social Security taxes, payroll taxes, and income taxes…taxes galore!  All harm the poor more than they do the rich. And of course, we have the income tax, which is a progressive tax, a tax that affects the rich more than the poor.  

What if we had a cutoff point where at a certain income you pay no taxes, and those below that income get money back from the government.  A Universal Income. 

This alone would be revolutionary for the poor and working-class! Coupled with the removal of all regressive taxes, it would be even better.

Instead of using hundreds of billions to fund programs like Social Security and free medical care, food banks, those who would require those programs would probably just be able to afford most of what they need anyway!

The demands for all goods would skyrocket as people now have free money to put into the market.

Continue support of a Federal Solution to Scottish Independence. 

If we want humans to protect, the ecosystem we have to make it more profitable to protect than destroy. Pay them to protect it. 

Lastly, transparency is what makes a party powerful.   

All human comments appreciated. All like clicks and abuse chucked in the bin.