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Every day of our lives we are bombarded with appeals for money for help – from saving the environment to saving people, children, and donkeys.

The purpose of this new Flipboard Magazine ” #SILENT WITNESS TO SCREAMS OF HELP” is to afford a platform for projects that do not get much attention. 

The second reason is to enable you the individual to act without donating money directly.

So if you are like me here is a giving that you or your children could do tomorrow.

I recently watched a documentary about a school for deaf children.

This school is in Kabul Afaganstian run by a few individuals on fresh air.

The words here are silent, but the classrooms are full of life. And for these children just coming here during a war has not been easy.

In Afghanistan, one of the poorest countries in the world, people with disabilities are stigmatized. 10,000 children in Afghanistan have no communication with the world. They are left to lead lives of solitude, without the opportunity for education, or often, work. These children have committed no crime, they have nothing to be ashamed of — they are deaf.

If (deaf children) don’t go to this school, they literally have no way of learning how to communicate with anyone else. 

The operational needs of the school are big.

There is a lack of teaching material and books and no money to buy them.

 You could lend a helping hand.

They need children’s books. Old laptops, Paint bruises & paint, coloring pencils, or any other items.

All that is necessary is to put a box together and post it to them. 

The School for Deaf Children. Kabul Afaganstian.

To send a box from the UK/ Europe – 15cm X15cm weighing 5 kilos would roughly cost £60. which is quite expensive. 

Here is the solution. 

For instance, there is a total of 8.82 million pupils in 25000 schools in England.

As a school project to send a box, the cost would be minable plus the benefits of educating surrounding such a project would totally outweigh any costs.