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There have been trillions and trillions of words spoken, written , and not heard about climate change. I don’t know about you but I am tired of hearing that there is going to be another summit on climate change. There have been proposed changes in absolute emissions that for all intensive purposes are a joke. We all know that the capitalist world has little interest in reversing or addressing climate change as any action to do so is also politically tarnished by national self interested.  The whole business of a climate crises is much larger conversation than reducing CO2 emissions on HP of country by country. The whole problem must be reframed. Words matter. Climate change is not the problem. It is not the threat to Earth. Take note: I didn’t say it was a threat to Earth. Because it’s not. It is only a threat to the things that live here — and that’s how we need to frame it Climate change prevention must become the effort to “Save The Humans.” The idea of saving humans isn’t tough to grasp. We also all know that Climate change is in fact the result of an world economic system that has been built for a few to extract every precious value out of this planet for the sake of profit – from natural resources to the fruits of human labour. It is this system that has created climate change and if not changed it not pandemics that will create massive global migration and wars. ————— To survive the fourth industrial technical revolution which is the next phase of our human existence we will need to restructure our social and economical systems and repair the earth. Environmentalists should appeal to people’s enlightened self interests because we don’t think we need saving. This is where we start. So as I have said words matter. For example there is little point in John Kerry going to China to talk about climate while accusing Chinees of genocide. Because the Chinees will say so what you the USA exterminate the Indians. When in fact they should be talking about the world climate as a reality and our cities and communities are not prepared only to make profit off people who will have to migrate. We must all have the courage to admit we’ve taken too much. To open our eyes to the fact that the entire world is paying a price for the privilege and the comfort of just a few people on the planet. It’s time for us to make society – wide changes to a system that incentivise consumption to the point of global imbalance. Our social, political and economic systems of extraction must be transformed into a systems that regenerate the earth and advance human liberty globally. It is arrogance to think that technology will save us and it is ego to think that we can continue this unjust and extractive approach to living on the planet and survive. We must establish a new social attitude with technology by passing laws that make it and its use transparent and tax all profit seeking algorithms before all income disappears into the cloud.
—————– Earth you might like to think belongs to all of us, but the assertion that climate activists are ” Saving the Planet,” or even “saving life on Earth ” is scientifically baseless. The majority of humans will only see a small amount of Earth in their lifetime, and only a fortunate few will ever look through the window of a spacecraft at Earth’s true vastness As much as we may think otherwise, we are profoundly, astronomically insignificant. Earth is a big concept to grasp but it not difficult to grasp that most of the CO2 emissions come from CHINA, USA, INDIA, RUSSIA, AND JAPAN. It’s difficult for humans to find the motivation to save something that they don’t truly comprehend but the threat of climate change is looming. It is a threat to all species. When world leaders sit round the table to try and tackle what has become possibly the greatest moral crisis of my generation they are powerless to make any solution’s work without financial support – no country wants to carry the can or implement tax rises – levies etc. Instead they introduced carbon credits that turned CO2 emission into a product to trade on the stock market. The underlying theory OF CARBON CREDITS is simple. If one party can’t stop emitting CO2, it can ask another to emit less so that, even as the first carries on producing CO2, the total amount of carbon in the atmosphere is reduced. But climate change is not just an environmental problem, it is a human rights issue. We are already calling people refugees when they are displaced by climate disaster even when they don’t cross international borders. Despite this, the idea of ensuring justice between those generations responsible for the effects of climate change and those who will have to pay the heaviest price for it is not mentioned. So we must stop borrowing from the future and act now —————- Climate change or whatever it is called next year is something we all better get used to adapting to. Instead of taking action on this problem what are we doing? We are fighting wars all over the world, planning the next Olympic games, carbon-trading, bailing-out the bankers, worshiping consumerism, developing more weapons, flying, planning the next election. In other words: business as usual.  There is no doubt whatever that the world is warming up – the evidence is there for all to see – a  BIG problem that is not going away, which has no respect for empty promises, targets and resolutions. It is, with the greatest respect, totally useless to produce such stupid arguments as “the rich western countries have had their turn at exploiting the world’s resources and now it is our turn”.  Let us remember that global warming is not the only serious problem. In the long term depletion of minerals of food, oil, freshwater and other essentials is equally critical. The fact is that you cannot blame the past. Unfortunately Politicians have hijacked “Global Warming” which is now a massive revenue generator for Governments. Greed rules our modern world so it must be the solution. There is no reason with the technology we have not to place a world aid commission of 0.05% on all activities that are Profit for profit sake. This would spread the cost fairly across the world, create a preputial fund out of which nonrepayable grants could be given to all projects to reverse climate change. ( See previous posts)
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