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Britain has left the European Union after 50 years of membership.

It will occur on Jan 31st characterizing as a backward step into nationalism and no longer a global force.
The old virus of Brexit polemicism will long outlast any trade deal as it is an Island.

As such the recurrent theme in British mythology, with all its sieges, invasions, noble defeats, and begrudging collaborations will haunt its decisions into the future as it once more attempts to redistribute power. The forthcoming referendum on Scottish Independence and Northern Ireland.

The exploration of the working classes and the stratification culture has been exposed by the only world power as a pandemic.

In the wake of the betrayal of Brexit, it will see a resurgent working class as they realize that they have being stabbed in the back.

This will happen because of the emergence of global online communication platforms which provides a glorious digital brewery in which discontent and division fester.

There is no place for a centralized system that seeks to protect the hierarchies that can hide to serve those at their summit.

The days of being quarantined by covid lockdowns and individualism are at an end. 

So if the European Union does not want to b entangled with an Island of discontent for the next 50 years there is only one course of action.  To trade deals other than WTO.

The penitentiary of WTO with no faith or care for anything other than the fleeting fulfillment of wayward wants ultimately will decide whether it is the island of self that must change or remain trapped within. 

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