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I am no scientist but it is obvious that you don’t rely on the very deadly infectious agent to create an immune population by allowing it to grow exponentially.

Viruses have host-pathogen interactions. They increase their diffusion rates, which creates opportunities for new host-virus encounters.

We are under environmental change and this virus might be the first associated with the ecosystem. The environment creates a disease triangle, animals, plants, humans, three-way interactions or hyperlinks driven by intraspecific competition.

So warm weather as we know kills off the flue till it returns in another form.

The transmissibility of COCID_19 is much greater and it is not clear what effect temperature and humidity will have on this virus.

My understanding of a virus is that it lies low in the long tall grass till its behavioural fatigue is understood.

Without strong guidance institutions and citizens will begin to make there own decisions.

This is not a time to create stamping herds however if your planning to practice social distancing your first thought turn to food.

Remember that online shopping and its delivery pass through multiple handling, so wash your hands before picking up the delivery and after.

Wash everything packeted or not.

Precaution, not panic.

Don’t believe sensational Tabloid News paper head lines.  

The Evening Standard newspaper has a headline that states “the residents in Los Angeles are flocking to buy arms.”

History has taught us that Society is capable of both untold horrors and inspiring resolve.

That said watch Sovereign wealth funds the hyena of the world economy gobble, the roadkill. 

All human comments appreciated. All like clicks and abuse chucked in the bin.