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Pandemic is used to describe a serious disease that is spreading in an uncontrolled way around the world.

Whether we are in the grips of a Pandemic or not over the past three years in the real world we have seen national polarisation serve as the midwife of political paralysis countries. 

With the outbreak of this virus, this is the time for all political parties across the world to realize that their true allegiance is to the people who elected them and not to the special interests that have them in their grip.  GDP at all costs. 

Hence, the overarching theme in this post is that it is time for the political class to shed their differences and ensure that democracy works in practice and not only in theory.

We are all aware that the Coronavirus has no political preferences, no respects for borders, leaving us to tackle seemingly overwhelming issues by contrasting “political paralysis”

This virus will redefine the world “from a place where nobody sees and nobody cares, into a place where compassion is a possibility and change something that has been hoping for centuries – Equality – and not insulated connectivity.  

Unfortunately, our smartphones tell us what you feel does not matter; what you believe is ridiculous; what you envision is worthless; just sit back and let profit-seeking algorithm or your own fear take over. 

Such self-numbed people will see themselves as perpetual victims of the Coronavirus.

Their sense of victimization does not allow them to see that they are in charge—of their own choices.

But you know what?

We now see governments using the Pontius Pilate tactic of claiming that just one person, one average person, can do the right thing to make the world better by washing their hands before and after stripping the supermarket shelves clean. 

The only logical option is passivity, surrender, and despair as we watch the capitalist system but profit before the health of a nation.  

Of course, this is not quite true but it won’t be long before the virus if not controlled will show us the power of consumerism.

It will show us the worthlessness of selfishness, of passing up every opportunity to actually address inequality. The value low-paid work.

Believe me, it will turn invisible activism into the kind of wedge that can topple a giant.

So this one historical moment might propel inequality to centre stage.

We don’t have to be perfect saints or know every answer to every question to begin working for a more just world.

Remember the words take back sovereignty, America first, were confused until they became synonymous with I am all right Jack.

Luckily the EU and Britain are now preoccupied with the Corona Virus so the Brexit deadline will most likely be extended again.

Perhaps limbo is not such a terrible place when the alternative is hell.

While excepting that Britain voted by a slim margin to leave the EU it now has what can only be called a complete rupture with reality, rushing towards its expulsion of the EU with no deal while Rishi Sunak turns on taps with £30bn splurge that could and more than likely tip the nation into such unbridled chaos it won’t be long before to hear a human voice say my name; to be touched: that would mean the world to me.

The problem is not that we have so little power. The problem is that we don’t use the power that we have.

I go to a food bank every two weeks to get my food. I have no car. I can’t carry two weeks worth of food the three miles back to my house.

Though these points might sound cynical and gloomy, the key aspect here is that the political systems around the world have become immune to change and instead, have fallen prey to gridlock and policy paralysis leading to indifference and apathy.

And then what?

Hang on! What about debt? 

Pawnshop of treasury bonds loans might seem like a good option for fast cash when you need it, but they could end up costing much more than anticipated.

The UK has the sixth-largest government debt of advanced economies.

If you were doing it right, you’d know, because camera crews will appear at your front door.

So don’t look around to make sure someone is watching do the right thing. 

Take the Climate change crisis. Tomorrow’s emergencies today. Syria: It’s not over ‘til it’s over. Yemen 

It’s not enough to recycle our bottles. We Must Stop Global Warming Now and bring a halt to wars that are displacing millions. 

Viruses are not just bacteria but unregulated AI, Wars, Greed, Sovereign Wealth Funds, High-Frequency trading, Inequality. 

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There’s no unending cycle of debt