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National tempory government, lifting trucks by helicopter across the channel, culling unionist cows, making Northern Ireland the Singapore of Europe, doing itsy bitsy trade deal with Donal Dump, selling British Steel to Turkish army pension funds, allowing billions to flow out of the country, risking a recession while watching sterling devaluation, all for a referendum won by 4%.

Get a grip you are in a deluded fit of national self-harm. There will be nobody coming to rescue you.

You are undermining the very things that you don’t have to think about.

Brexit is shaming you.

By handing over your identity to populists short term politics you are going to get a situation where the choice is gone.

No general election or another referendum is not going to solve the situation.

The solution is to revocate Articular 50.

Stay in the EU and if in the next ten years the EU does not make the reforms that it is badly in need of- Leave. At least by then, you will have reformed your First past the Post.

Democracy is not infallible.

The implications of present events can be seen all over the world and England is not immune.

It takes generations to set up institutions and only a matter of seconds to topple.

That what a feeling of peace is all about.

There is little point in eating Beans on Toast (over 3 million cans each day) for the next ten years.


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