It’s no secret that our planet is in a pretty dire condition. 

The Earth’s importance is self-evident.

Over the past 250 years, the activities of humans have caused enough harm that they may lead to dramatic environmental changes.

It is now unbelievable that we are being told that if we continue with the status quo our way of life could come to an end within the next fifteen years.

So why is it unbelievable that we, (and we mean all of us) cannot take a stand to stop our present course.

If we don’t protect the planet we and all that are on it can kiss our collective ass goodbye.

The reason is we are unable to see beyond greed. Climate might do it subtly or brutally but we are doing it by encouraging profound inequity.

Wealth in the hands of a few.

As the world heats up we will see more ecological degradation, scarce resources and even scarcer opportunities, which will lead to great swathes of people moving.

Right now, right at this very second, you are aligning yourself with a particular version of the world. You’re creating it around yourself with every breath, with every thought so you think, but a belief is an assumed truth.

We hear Scientists warnings, Paris Climate change promises, countries declaring an emergency while the main themes of the 2019 G20 meeting were:

President Trump and President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia with other leaders at a photo shoot at the G20 summit meeting in Osaka, Japan, on Friday.Global economy

Trade and investment.


Environment and energy.


Women’s employment.



For me the issue is clear. The current version of capitalism is a disaster. Worse yet, it is unsustainable.

Knowing what we can have, is just as important as knowing what we no longer want.

Tinkering with the current version of shareholder capitalism simply won’t do.

The connective tissue between business and society needs to be ripped apart.

Look back at some of the most tragic episodes in human history and you will find words and images that stripped people of their basic human traits. It’s hard to see the good in anything anymore when you see what is happening to our world.

Dehumanising of the planet continues unabated with Algorithms, Machine Learning, Data Mining, Face Recognition, the invasion of the human body, removing the need for a working memory, Donald Trump anti-Mexican/Muslim rhetoric, digitally manipulated by virtual reality, Suicide bombers and terrorists who don’t care if the other side lives or dies.

Governments and business must get off the shelf and face reality.

Its time to take positive action like banning cars from the city centre a least one day a week, like clearing our skies one day a week, banning flights, like offering non-repayable green energy grants, like planting on unproductive land with trees, like banning consumption advertising, like financially supporting the phaseout of combustion engines, like stop fooling ourselves that we have fifty years for technology to come up with a solution.

Lip service is no longer acceptable.


Because we know that Greenland is melting and no human has ever seen the collapse of an ice sheet. There is nothing in recorded history.

We know the climate is warming. Look out the window.

Greenland is already contributed 200/300 billion of ice melt a year. Over the past years, it has lost a trillion tons of ice.

Unfortunately, Climate change remains so far from our imaginations we are unable to fully appreciate that it will determine our future.

However, people are starting to see the power they have if they get together but we continue to live our lives as if nothing is going to happen.


There is no point in reading the small print like hurricanes, droughts, flooding, wildfires, all put done to an extreme weather event.

There is no point in independent countries declaring climate emergencies.

There is no point in creating new forests of trees especially trees of one variety that will take years to mature.

There is no point asking Opec to stop the production of oil. They want to sell every last drop no matter what the cost.

There is no point appealing to the President Trumps of the world.

As the saying goes, “there is no point in crying over spilt milk”.

Based on the Universal Law of Cause and Effect.

The effects of Co2 emissions combinded with Methane as the permafrost melts will and is rising the temperature which is the essence of all laws in nature.

Our lives these days are filled with television, wasting time on social networks like Facebook and Twitter. But when you see something you like online, do you check to make sure that it’s true before you share it?

The climate change the final events are upon us.

“People’s lives matter more than any political game.

All human comments appreciated. All like clicks and abuse chucked in the bin.