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This blog has addressed the need for British politics to come into the 21 Century.

Debates about liberty and sovereignty of the democratically elected parliament are now been brought into sharp relief.

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It is time to replace the Magna Carter the English charter of 1215 document with a proper foundation document that could and would rectify glaring defects in contemporary British structures.

A modern-day written constitution would formalise more clearly the relationship between its citizens who are this day serfs to the crown.


It would, in particular, modernise the capricious 19th-century electoral system that unfailing reproduces an unrepresentative House of Commons.

For Example in 2015 David Camron on an overall majority with just 37% of the overall vote.  Hardly a popular mandate for conservative rule.

The existence of safe seats partly explains the relatively low turnout seen in many UK General Elections. The majority of seats in UK Westminster constituencies are safe seats, due to the requirement for only a simple majority. This is bad for pluralist democracy and clearly undermines any attempt to develop a genuine multi-party culture.

It creates complacent MPs with ‘jobs for life’ who are free to take voters for granted.

The first-past-the-post system has long served up such certainties: in 12 of the 17 general elections since 1950, fewer than one in 10 seats shifted from one party to another. Some have remained firmly in one party’s control for more than a century.

Whatever Brexit brings both the European Union and England need to wake up the needs of its citizens to be involved and represented.

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