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Extension or not the time is running out for the UK to get a deal on arrangements for its departure from the EU.Résultat de recherche d'images pour "pictures of extension cords"

It is both blindingly and depressingly obvious that the social fabric of the country is being stretched to breaking point.

An Act of self-harm with no point, no upside.

There is no such thing as sun lite uplands outside the EU.


It’s because under WTO rules, anything you offer one country you must offer all. (except if you have a free trade agreement).

Its time to get a grip.

If not we will be witnessing civil unrest as an ignorant citizenry lashes out at the EU, Ireland, anything with European in the title.

The will of the people.

Almost half voted one way the rest the other way while those most affected had no vote with Victory won by illegal means.

For decades, gaps in income and respect for the London fraternity have been widening, compounded by the need for free education for all, which has now manifested itself into less fortunate fellow citizens becoming economically and socially detached which is bitterly and understandably resented.

Hence the small majority vote to leave.

Article 50 was enacted without consultation or thought out plan.

A short extension will not help.

What is needed is to contest the forthcoming EU Elections with a long extension and gain some power to change and reform the European Union.

With the current climate in Europen, the new commission would find it hard to refuse a move to reverse the economic divergence of the rich region to poor ones.

Such a strategy would sidestep the inevitability of the impending catastrophe of leave or remain and offers a credible strategy for all to unite.

It would allow time for the truth.

It would allow time for the orange/green factor, the Irish Question to be resolved.

Fortunately, up to now the Good Friday Treaty that the UK voluntarily signed created constraints that made a clear-cut Brexit impossible actually because it is predicated on the common membership of both Ireland and the United Kingdom to the same political body called the European Union.

“Ar scáth a chéile a mhairimid” (we live in the shadow of each other.)

Seventeen months ago the germ called the DUP crossed the borderless Irish Sea, found its way to Westminster and contaminated the Conservative Party and British politics.

It has produced a situation where ten DUP members hold the balance of power in Westminster, keeping her minority government in office.

The unavoidable truth about the island of Ireland question did not feature it was bought off with a bribe to the DUP.

The tragedy, so far, is that unionists are not prepared to look beyond their own traditional suspicions. The Republic of Ireland they fear no longer exists.

Membership of the European Union helped to remove centuries old poison and distrust and change the dynamic. Gone are the days of a DUP who built its philosophy on principles of confrontation – No Surrender, Sell-Out, Not an Inch.

The thesis to set DUP pulses racing, however, is the notion that Northern Ireland is about to be cut adrift from the United Kingdom, as part of a cunning plan to facilitate a united Ireland and confine Ulster unionists to a life of subservience.

Nowadays, like much of US President Donald Trump’s antics, often the fear and rhetoric have little basis in reality.

The tragedy of the DUP’s current position is they are not prepared to explore the nature of the Brexit deal on offer to them.

Northern Ireland has been offered unique status within the European Union and the United Kingdom. The DUP and Northern Ireland have indeed been offered a sweetheart deal. Not due to the European Union’s special affection for Northern Ireland but because it is the practical way to structure the withdrawal agreement, the border question included.

Politics in England has indeed become a spectator sport with the House of Commons the Coliseum.

The current turmoil in British politics totally eclipses Suez, totally eclipses everything, we have never been here before.

The lengths of fixation of government on this one issue, the complexity of the problem…20 resignations utterly eclipsing Suez, Falklands, Iraq War, the country more evenly divided, more deeply divided, families, communities, churches, than on any issue.

If you asked me the DUP is attempting to sell loyal Ulster down the river and England up the swanny.

Having sailed into the 20th century as an empire, the U.K. spent the second half of the century shedding nearly all of its colonies — and as a result much of its economic and military might. For the first time in modern history, Britain is small.

The UK better get used to being a middling power.

The U.K. simply doesn’t seem to know how to play the game of giving and take needed to negotiate with a far larger partner.

With the Conservative party more deeply divided in its 200-year history…”Scotland and Northern Ireland’s future in the union are both up for grabs.Brexit

I take it all day by day. Don’t jump too far ahead. Let’s see where we are on March 29th and I’ll come back to you!

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The kind of Irish language provisions some campaigners were attempting to introduce in Northern Ireland do not exist south of the border yet the more creative approach it has taken to the language is allowing for more organic growth and popularity.