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What is now becoming clear with technology is that Capitalism is programmed to subordinate life to the imperative of profit. ( Capitalist Algorithms are making profit all but invisible)Image associée

Ever since David chucked a stone we have glorified war, selling trillions in arms rather than eradication of inequality.

We were and still are griped by a logic that has given us everything from slavery to the smart phone, to oil spills, to child labor, to terrorists, to Donald Trump with pending ecological collapse and climate change.Image associée

GDP and now smartphones measures everything except that which makes life worthwhile.

Surely no matter who or where you were born on earth you want to live in balance with your environment on which you depend for your survival.

Nature has the right to exist, persist, maintain and regenerate its vital cycles.

Our TV screens recently passively report one of the largest Icebergs ever to brake off the Antarctic. Not good enough.

One dimensional capitalism has to go.  We can carry on with the status quo.

If we carry on dishing out inequality the choice is staring us stark in the face.

There will be no Future with or without technology.Résultat de recherche d'images pour "pictures of politics of the future"

I am sure there are many like me blogging, twittering, their views on Social media, but we have to grow out the logic of social media algorithms.  If we do not we are going to pay a heft price. If our current trajectory continues, democracy as you know it will be ruined. Social Media is in the process of rendering our votes worthless and unfit for purpose.

The world is now full of misinformation that is debunking people’s attitudes.

Facebook algorithms along with a clatter of others, are a form of manipulation making us all, more and more polarized from the world we live in.Image associée

Its time for a reboot. It wouldn’t turn out the way you want it. We need to do some thing about it quickly. ( Read my previous blogs.) Let’s face it; you’ve probably tried to imagine the typical daily life in the distant future. Technology will, indeed, play a pivotal role in our lives in 34 years.  We are told that the primary purpose of all robots and incredibly advanced technology will be to allow men to have a relaxed and calmer lifestyle.

There will be little point if our worlds is falling asunder and watched over by a United Nations without a unity people.

Digital technology will not simply intensify prevailing cultural trends but also provide resources for reinterpreting its meaning. We must grasp the opportunities it presents us, by coming together in a united world voice to change the core human cry from growth for the sake of profit to sustainability.

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