With this deal the Tories have wilfully imperilled three decades of Irish-British peace, of good relations between Ireland and Britain, and risked plunging IRELAND back into a new era of conflict.

The Conservative Party, a wink-and-a-nod acknowledgement which will give 17th century Protestant fundamentalism a platform to preach its archaic world-view in the 21st century.

From opposing civil rights to denying climate change, the creationist-believing Ulster Trumps have been offered a warm welcome in Downing Street.

The Tories will now need to seek the approval of the DUP, so the DUP will need to seek the approval of the UDA, UVF and RHC.Northern Ireland - The Last Remnant Of The British Colony In Ireland

Its simply staggers belief.

During the Troubles had connections to multiple Ulster militias.

The DUP are the most arrogant, duplicitous, hypocritical bunch of charlatans to ever enter electoral politics. They have a line of scandals and corruption as long as you like, and every one of their scandals would end careers in GB but they get away with it because of the extremely tribal nature of NI politics.

Everyone knows how horrible the IRA is, but most have heard nearly nothing about the Loyalist paramilitaries, who actually targeted mostly civilians and killed more civilians than the IRA over the course of the Troubles.

They also initiated the violence that started the Troubles. The IRA was inactive and had no popular support until the Loyalist groups began killing innocent people for being Catholic.

There is no excuse for what the IRA did, but even less for what some of the Loyalist terrorists did.

Yet people don’t even know what they did…and that is not an accident.