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To morrow is yet another day in the history of England and there are many of them that it can be proud of.

However I am sure that there will be many a brave world war two soldier moaning in their Normandy grave, not forgetting the 22 million Russians and 4 hundred thousand Americans, a mere 48,231,700 approx in total. 

Peace and freedom in Europe is what they sacrificed their young lives for.

Theresa May may well represent THE 3.8%  majority of I am all right Jack that voted to leave and of course we are all entitled to think what we want about the EU as an Institution that is just 60 years in the making.

Of course during the next two years we will be treated every day 7/7 with the spectacle of both sides washing their dirty linen on Social Media and the altar of economics.

We will be told the UK is not leaving Europe but reestablishing itself as a nation.

Which is true but not united.

O Yes there are lots of problems with The EU and the reality is far from the idea of Peace, as the idea has being kidnapped by a political class that has long-lost touch with the very people THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO REPRESENT  but there is little point in listing them all here, because Brexit will no doubt shine a spotlight on all of them.

Will Brexit make any difference, I doubt it will.

You could be cynical and say that Wars other than in Europe happen anyway, but without some Unity there will never be peace in the world.

We can only build a future with common core values, not with Artificial Intelligence, not with globalisation, not with capitalist greed, not with arms sales, not with inequality of opportunity, not with trade barriers, not with segregation, not with religion, not with corruption, not with un elected government officials, not with loans, not with austerity, not with growth at all costs, not with the loss of identity, not with people sleeping rough, not with unfair taxes, not with no dignity in death and illness, not with past history or 48,231,700 and certainly not with an Island full of I am alright Jacks.


My advice would have been to stay and fight, even with all that is and will be wrong with the EU in the future.

The question now is: Who is really taking control.

Germany will “win the peace” in Europe as a result of Brexit.

England will see a power grab.

“Henry VIII clause” giving ministers sweeping powers to decide what to keep, without normal parliamentary scrutiny – named after a 1539 Act handing the king power to legislate by proclamation.

The devil will be in the detail

EU’s enormous untapped potential. It marks a new stage in the Europe’s evolution – a denial of understatement in favor of inspiration and engagement.

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