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By the end of this century we have for all intentive purposes if we keep dumping greenhouse gases into the air we will have destroyed our seas and oceans.


Because our seas and oceans suck up these gases making their waters deadly to their inhabitants.

The other day in the market I stood at a fish stall looking at dozens of species gleaming pink and grey on mounds of ice.

I thought to myself that this is not a display of the ocean’s bounty it’s a museum.

In twenty years from now it will be very different as most of the clams, oysters, mussels, scallops, will be gone. They use calcium carbonate to make their shells which is dissolved by acidifying water.

The prawns, crabs, lobsters, shrimps, use a polymer called chitin to make their shell so they won’t dissolve as quickly, but dissolve they will like teeth in Coca-Cola.

My eyes moved along the stall to dozen kinds of finned fish many of them already on the European at risk lists because of overfishing: such as monkfish, hake, sardines and tuna. All loved by the Spaniards.

I could not help thinking that they are more at risk from the changing ocean biogeochemistry which is causing large areas of dead zones the emptiest places on the planet where there is little or no oxygen causing vast blooms of algae that thrive on acid as do jelly fish.

You might say that with time the sea living creatures will adapted but this is all happening at a pace to fast for evolution.

Even if they did there will be nothing to eat as Foraminifera the tiniest shelled plankton is having trouble growing , it is the food base of every animal in the sea.

As my brother a fisherman would tell you the answers to all of this is not easy.

But this is not the main purpose of this post.

Its main purpose is a warning to the People of Ireland.  

Brexit is going to be a grave threat to Irish Coastal Waters, as you can rest assured that the European Fishing quotas will go out the window in the forthcoming negotiations.  Recently on a BBC report they were lamenting that Haddock which replaced Cod was now in short supply leading to the demise of Fish and Chips.

It will be of paramount importance that the Irish Government declares all of its territorial waters a protected area, and that it builds a fleet of protection vessels to oversee it protection.  


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