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The world we live in and on has and will continue to face many threats from extinction to survival till its demise in 6.5 billion years from now.Résultat de recherche d'images pour "pictures of inequality eyes"

We all know that most of its present day problems have being created and propagated by us humans.

Some are easy to eradicate others not so.

WHY? Because global wealth concentrates is now in fewer hands resulting in inequality destroying our attitudes to world problems.

There is little need to state that there are many form of Inequality.

It come dressed in all colors along well beaten paths.Afficher l'image d'origine

But one form for me leads to many of the others and that is Income Inequality.

(The income from capital continues growing faster than the income from labor.)

While Economists are conditioned to believe in the optimality of the market the newest economic inequality numbers, which ran counter to the expectations of almost all experts, are frightening.

.That’s why they have been in denial for so long that change is not likely in the short run.

But we have to try, because getting this wrong means that economists promote machine-like models that suggest that it is simply some invisible mechanism (or maybe an invisible hand) that ensures that workers don’t get paid very much, that owners make high profit rates, and that the economy will be just fine under these conditions.

Market forces alone cannot determine who gets wealthy and who doesn’t.

Owners of capital seek higher returns through speculation in financial assets, in effect bidding up prices in an eternal quest for ever higher returns, returns that can’t be matched by investments in productive capital (the returns from which have been declining for decades).

Economics can no longer be accepted as a discrete, coherent discipline. It through inequality has left millions impoverished laying in its wake.

As a result there is tremendous anger, disillusionment and fear. All of which are corrosive to democracy.

Just look at the unfolding elections in the USA.

Nearly total disillusionment with established politics due to a dysfunctional government, with the Republican party now barely a political party with a candidate that has risen out of the poplar base called Trump that the establishment could not squash. The main stream spectrum of world politics is moving to the right. Neoliberal policies have led to declines and near stagnation.

You can rest assured that we are going to see a very ugly scene.

Their solutions are the same old failed tactics.

When both parties kowtow to money, the people’s needs are ignored, and

politics becomes illegitimate.

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You might say that redistribution of wealth is theft. But Redistribution of investment Profit for Profit’s sake is not.

You might think that  21st century technology such as the internet is going to change everything.  But it is money that is writing the laws, the behind the door trade agreements, through lobbyist undermining democracy. This is happening all over the world.

There is no clear relationship between the total value of capital and profitability.

Whether distributions of income and wealth are partly shaped by social and political relationships – class conflict if you will – or mostly by “market forces.”

The forces of technology are what they are.

Take the contemporary communication technologies it can be used for various purposes, to increase surveillance, to increase power, control or it can be used for to empower people.  Technology does not care you can use it both ways.

The technological connectedness is a myth.

If there is to be a rebalancing.  The current trade agreements could be designed for the people.  They are not.

They are however designed for the benefits of investors. They are not trade agreements except very marginally. That is the reason that they are keep secret, not quite totally as the details are being written by corporate lawyers and lobbyist.

They are however up to now effectively secret from the population.

We can fix the problem, but it will take bold steps. It will take a combined movement not splintered movements to force change. This is highly unlikely.

There is hatred and anger about just about all institutions.

There is only one way to effect redistribution.

Place a World Aid commission on all financial and acquisition activity that are made for the sake of profit. ( See previous Posts)

It is us the tax payer that bailed out the Banks, that paid for the research to create the internet. Are we getting any return on the investment. No.