I am not going to address the Economic issues which for the most part will be driven by fear politics.  It’s enough to say full of political point-scoring, bogus headlines and mud-slinging.Afficher l'image d'origine

The main question (which was never rightly put to the Uk voters) is whether you want in or out of the EU.

The first misconception is that the EU stops England from being able to choose who makes critical decisions that affect all your lives.

There are different concepts of Sovereignty.

You have the pure concept. This is when a country is wholly sovereign but with little influence.

This could be called the Illusion of Sovereignty because most countries have signed some sort of international treaties. For example membership of Nato. This creates an obligation to go to war if another member is attacked.

It is wrong to say that EU laws are imposed by unelected EU bureaucrats.

In fact the EU commission proposes draft legislation to be adopted by the Council of Ministers which is in fact is the elected national governments and the elected European Parliament.

The problem is that as Voters we can’t get rid of the EU’s collective leadership.

Both the Council and the parliament are remote and unaccountable.

Euroskeptic parties across the continent have been gaining momentum as public trust in the EU has hit low levels following an economic crisis and refugee crisis, factors exit campaigners have been trying to capitalize on.

Staying in the EU may cause political trouble for the major parties; but if the UK leaves the EU, the economic trouble will be double.

Not to mention if England votes out and are either overruled by votes in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, the constitutional implications may extend beyond the specific question of whether or not the UK remains in the EU.

Today is the Queen’s 90th Birthday and no doubt you will be playing God Save the Queen. In a few weeks time lets hope you will not be playing God Save England.

Democracy works best when we all get involved.