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An academic feud swirls around how best or even whether to express the scientific consensus around climate change.Afficher l'image d'origine

Ever time I open the internet there are more and more articles on the subject.

It all boils down in the popular media to a much simpler message: that 97 percent of scientists believe climate change is caused by humans.Afficher l'image d'origine

This is correct in as much that we live in a world of greed created by unbridled Capitalism.

We have a world meeting after a world meeting, targets after targets, without any means of financial support.  Indeed we see governments issuing exempt green certificates to polluters rather than saying enough is enough before we hit the point of no return.

Lately, the Skeptical Science researchers have been battling a rear guard attack from within the climate science community itself. Some social scientists, political scientists, climate change communicators—question whether informing people of a scientific consensus serves any purpose.

To them, climate change is no longer a debate over science.

Rather, the climate debate is now ethical and political; it comes down to what we are willing to do today to address a problem that will largely affect our grandchildren.

As a father, ” I realized that we are handing over a world to our children that is worse than the world we were given,”

We can’t wait till we get a consensus. “How do you determine who qualifies to be surveyed and who doesn’t qualify?”

Its time to cut out the bull shit.  In fact, most people are already broadly aware of the scientific consensus on climate change, but remain silent. Even assuming the consensus message does work, it will not necessarily lead to climate action by policymakers.

Our out of date Skint World Organisation the United Nations can only aspire.

Its time it had the balls to pass a world people resolution to put a World Aid Commission of 0.05% on all High Frequency Trading, on all Sovereign Wealth Funds Acquisitions on all Foreign Exchange transactions over $20,000 and on any other Capitalist or other World activity whose sole purpose is to make profit for profit sake. 

Then we would have the means to reverse Climate change, which is is already causing wars over water whether it be rising or vanishing.

There are billions of tons of methane awaiting to escape which we cannot escape.

This could be us>

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