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Quite recently I wrote a Post under the heading  : Are we all being Dumbed down. Have a look.

Many great people throughout history have claimed to be educated.Afficher l'image d'origine

But what does it mean these days to be educated?

Once upon a time a long time ago it was the ability to read ,write, add subtract and divide and multiply. Know the highest mountain the longest river in what country where. Who said what, in which play and who were your mother and father. All tested to see if you could go to University.

These days being educated cannot be determined by any means of standardized tests. Being graded in school can actually be quite degrading. Assigning a quality value to a young human being is simply not humanistic.

We should get rid of it as soon as possible and start building a system that would foster individuals who know how to push the progress of humanity forward. Because progress and innovation starts with embracing mistakes and failure and taking a risk in order to get to a greater good.

Education is not knowledge, although commonly confused as such.

A huge part of education is the consumption of knowledge.

The ability to listen carefully is the most effective way to absorb information on a subject.

Knowledge is being learned of many things, where as education is having an understanding of many things.

To be educated is having the ability to listen carefully, think critically, and explore viewpoints different from one’s own.

A listener must adamantly listen to each sentence, extract the idea within, ponder it, and chose to believe it or not.

The more one learns, the more one will realize that they know nothing.

The first step to becoming educated is to humble oneself to learn that they do not know.

The foundation of the society is based on education since it brings economic and social prosperity. It is through education that Technological advancement has been realized enabling communication and production of cost effective products and services to the society at large.

Google does not educate with its thoughtless accumulation of knowledge.

Twitter is trying to do so with iPads in Africa. Facebook is self-gratification. Social Media and the Internet is disconnecting us from what matters by overload of information and confusion.

This being said, the majority of the men and women who run the government that sets laws and restrictions on its people are not educated. Not to say that government officials are not qualified to hold their positions, but a majority of these men and women do not meet the criteria to be categorized as educated. Many politicians are controlled by their parties and do not make decisions on their own.

Because of these reasons, one will never know if a political figure is faking it and not living by his or her own ideas, or if they are one of the very few who truly speak what they believe. This is why the uneducated love the Donald Trumps of this world.

One cannot form opinions on a matter with a smart phone if that person does not know about that matter.

Dialogue is importance to the process of education. A society filled with people who understand themselves in relation to the others around them is a much better place to live.

Although an education can be paid for, no one can physically give you an education.

Experience and emotion are our real teachers.

I would like to see an educational system that embraces independent thought, personal talents, making mistakes along the way, humanistic values and fostering creativity and uniqueness.

I believe that education helps us achieve what we want to do but it’s actually up to each and every one of us to carry through.

I will argue that the primary long-term moral obligation of the world’s over-privileged have to the underprivileged is to provide those in need with the means necessary to develop a foundation for fair future interactions.

This will lead to the idea that a necessary part of the long-term obligation to the underprivileged, in addition to the redistribution of economic and material resources, is the redistribution of ideas and knowledge through educational programs.

I believe taking this argument seriously we could build a foundation for the creation of new kinds of international cooperation and understanding.

History has been traditionally told from the point of view of those with wealth and education.

But to truly understand history one must understand the history of the people who were not writing the history which includes the nation’s minorities, working class and those without a high level of education. Society is made up of a variety of people and history is not complete without telling all of their stories.

Our educational system is archaic.

It emerged in the time of the Industrial Revolution and it is designed to cater to that time of history and not current social reality. Education is still trying to grind children down to the size that would fit the needs of the industrial revolution. We can see this in the way we assign importance to different subjects.

It is inexcusable that we have so little useful life knowledge and skills. We should be spending much more time thinking critically, analyzing information instead of just learning it.

Let’s put the emphasis on the really fascinating stuff like the beauty, complexity and diversity of life instead of knowing each and every chemical reaction that is part of the Krebs cycle for Biology.

Let’s put the emphasis of Physics on the miseries of the universe and the mindbogglingly paradoxes of the quantum world instead of solving interchangeable mathematical problems and learning formulas by heart.

Let’s use Math class to talk about statistics and use it to analyze our own schools, lives and communities striving to understand things that matter to us and learning to do the math that goes with the analysis along the way. When there’s a will, there’s a way. We just need to recognize the deficiencies and start addressing them.

Our education is based on stereotyping people and so is our society, which is now desperately in need of free education. Not education with massive debt.

To my mind if we really want to get rid of inequality in the world and promote peace there is no better way than investing in Education.

So go now, and look with your newly educated eyes at this world and be sure to call me as soon as you hear about anywhere that’s looking into cyber-eye implants.

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