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2016 is year of the Red Monkey.Afficher l'image d'origine

What does 2016 hold in store when we look at the new year.Afficher l'image d'origine


  1. The United States and Russia have never seen eye to eye, especially with the conflict in Syria.
  2. The Arab Spring will intensified civil wars in over 10 countries, including in Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain, Somalia, Libya and Syria.
  3. Mr Barack Obama will be THE LAST America’s non white president.
  4. The fate of Israel will remain unclear.
  5. The Paris Climate Change agreement will fall apart.
  6. Global warming will increase.
  7. The internet will have further restrictions.
  8. 2016’s economic growth rate won’t be much different than we’ve seen in recent years. The texture, however, will be different, with more gains in Europe and less in China and the commodity-dependent countries.
  9. The biggest risk for Europe in the year? “It’s the refugee crisis,” it’s the biggest challenge to the European Union yet.
  10. Sovereign wealth funds will continue to privatize the world.
  11. The world’s populations are aging, and demand for cancer treatments will only increase.
  12. Colorado, Washington and other legal-pot states will get more tourists than ever.
  13. The people’s of the world will become more disconnected.
  14. Television viewing will decrease due to Smart phones and I pads.
  15. There will be more Natural Disasters.
  16. Politics and how its delivered will have to change.
  17. Inequality will rise.
  18. Stocks will return just 3% in 2016.
  19. Google will start fee charging.
  20. World food prices will rise.
  21. Drinking water i.e. fresh water will cause new conflicts.
  22. Donald Trump will be assassinated.
  23. The Olympic Games will be boycotted by Russia.
  24. The first cloned human.
  25. The Catholic church will begin the process to allow its priest marry.
  26. Businesses will increasingly deploying artificial intelligence to improve their products and services.
  27. Worlds created entirely of clouds. “Unicorns” racing through new landscapes. Data moving faster than the speed of light.
  28. Private cloud computing.
  29. We’ll witness the emergence of a new class of real-time applications in e-commerce and financial technology services powered by super-speedy data analytics.
  30. Machine learning,” a field of computer science will be all the rage.
  31. As mobile devices are ruling the world, having surpassed laptop and desktop searches in terms of paid clicks and traffic generation, it has become imperative for businesses to develop mobile-friendly websites and make their business decisions attuned to this new wave of mobile savvy clientele.
  32. Mobile searches will exceeded desktop searches.
  33. The boundary line between “social media” and “web” will get blurred further in 2016.
  34. The truth will become impossible to find.
  35. The greed of capitalism that is the root of most if not all our World problems will come under further pressure to pay.
  36. The like button will get fewer hits.


  1. Sporting CP will win the Portuguese league.
  2. People will realise that face to face is better than Facebook.
  3. Phone calls and mail letters will star to increase and sms (…) will start do decrease
  4.  Happiness indicators will start to replace GDP.

Nick Harrison: USA

  1. Hilary Clinton will win, learn Spanish, rub Putin nose the wrong way, and cause a recession.

Asbad :   Afghanistan

I predict that President Barack Obama will rethink his plan to have all operational U.S. combat forces out of Afghanistan by the end of 2016. The current reality is that, while the United States is fighting the al Qaeda-ist movement that grandiosely calls itself Islamic State using air strikes and aiding allies on the ground, more needs to be done to make sure its militants do not take over larger swaths of Iraq and Syria.